Kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen

5 Effective Kitchen Cabinet Design for Small Kitchen


Kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen – The cabinet is part of a kitchen set that serves as a storage space for various kitchen appliances or other necessities. The cabinet is usually made of plywood or solid wood but. The cabinet provides security purposes for foodstuffs that don’t need to be stored in cold temperatures, such as flour and nuts as well as any other appliances.

Do you need a kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen? Check out the following designs.

Lift-up cabinet

The lift-up cabinet is great for a small kitchen. When you think it is too wide to have a single door open outward cabinet in the kitchen, you can take the lift-up cabinet as your option to your small kitchen. By open upwards, you can save either left or right side especially when those are already full of the furniture. The placement of the cabinet is on the wall, so you can effectively use the wall in the kitchen as well.

Open cabinet

An open kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen is more effective. It has no lid, you can save some space in the kitchen so it will look wider. The open cabinet needs no more room for the cover. You can be creative in the open cabinet for sure. People often use it to place their decorative jars, or plant in the kitchen, or any decorative kitchen utensils. Make sure not to put a lot of things in the cabinet, so it won’t look too messy or even falling stuff from the cabinet. Because it has no lid, so it may unsafe.

Sliding lid cabinet

The sliding lid cabinet has a slim and also practical model. You just have to slide your kitchen cabinet and you can find the item you are looking for. Some sliding door cabinets use glass material to give a modern and elegant vibe. However, if you are a person who is hard to put things in a neat state, wood materials can hide your messy inside. It will look natural as well. Clean the cabinet regularly so that sliding lid isn’t stuck.

Corner cabinet

Do you have any blind corners in the kitchen? Save those spots for the corner cabinet!  Finding the corner cabinet for kitchen interior design ideas may not be easy because not all stores have them. Then, you can customize your own corner cabinet. Corner cabinet can save the corner places that have less optimal utilization

So, those are the list for the kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen. Now, you can make an option, which do you think the best cabinet for your kitchen?




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