bamboo Kitchen Backsplash
bamboo Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Materials To Choose

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Not many homeowners would be willing to spend the extra efforts to plan their kitchen backsplash materials although it can be a good idea. Most of them may neglect the backsplash because they think it isn’t important. When compared to cabinets, flooring, and countertops, the backsplash may seem less important. But let’s not forget that it can be used to show your personal preference. Whether you are using bold colors or mosaic features, you can make your kitchen look more appealing or lively without having to do any expensive remodeling work.

Important Considerations to Start

bamboo Kitchen Backsplash
bamboo Kitchen Backsplash

You probably think, “Oh, I don’t need the backsplash, anyway. Having the wall alone would be enough.” Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. But then again, you need to think about the kitchen maintenance and care for the longer term. It is very easy for the wall to get dirty, especially close to the area of washing and cooking. If you install the backsplash, especially with the materials that are easily cleaned and cared for, you can care for your wall longer –as well as making it look cleaner for the longer term. Any type of materials can work well for the kitchen backsplash materials. Even the corkboard or bamboo can be the ideal backsplash if they are sealed properly.

The Most Popular Options

One of the most popular kitchen backsplash materials is the ceramic. Ceramics are timeless and they are versatile. Not to mention that they come with different colors, sizes, and even shapes. They are easy to maintain and clean, and you can play with various patterns. They are also inexpensive.

mosaic Kitchen Backsplash
mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Besides ceramics, there are still other attractive offers that you can use, such as:

  • Stainless steel. It is able to create modern and sharp design. You can also combine it with tiles so there is a uniform and sleek outcome. Another thing to like about this material is the absence of grout. Yes, you don’t need it and yet it can last forever.
  • Mosaics. If you want to create an interesting focal point, include the mosaics behind your stove. Be creative by mixing up colors and also patterns. If you have limited budgets, you can use the mosaics around the stove area only and use other types of materials elsewhere.
  • Stone. It is a unique material that can create a contrast texture to the smooth cabinets and counters, especially for the natural stone. Don’t forget that stone is porous, though. It means that it is vulnerable to chipping and it isn’t easy to clean. Another alternative is to use smaller natural stones that are stacked up to the ceiling. Or if you want to create a stone effect without actually using the material, use the tiles with stone pattern. It will create a unique stone look. Of course, it will be different from using the actual stone but the appearance will be stylish.

There are still other materials to choose, such as bricks, bamboo, or even glass. As long as you can manage the proper styling for the kitchen, these kitchen backsplash materials can help with your kitchen appearance.


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