Kitchen A-Team concept
Kitchen A-Team concept

Kitchen A-Team for The Success of Kitchen Remodeling

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When you want to remodel the kitchen, you will need to have the so-called kitchen A-team, which will be your handy and reliable investment in the work. After all, the work requires a group of professionals to help you with the work. First of all, you will need the project manager who will oversee and monitor the project. Even if you can do it by yourself, you need someone else to do it. What if you have to work? What if you have other businesses to take care? That’s why you need the project manager.

Understanding the Concept of Kitchen A-Team

Kitchen A-Team concept
Kitchen A-Team concept

So, what is meant by the kitchen A-team, anyway? They are the professionals, including AKBD (Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer) or CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) that will be responsible for the project’s operation and execution. They will make sure that your budgets go along the configuration, counters, design, appliances, and also backsplash of the work. Don’t forget that licensed professionals is a must – licensed plumber or electrician should be included within your team so they will minimize the risk as well as making sure that the project run smoothly as planned.

The Key Professionals

Kitchen A-Team concept
Kitchen A-Team concept

As it was mentioned before, the kitchen A-team renovation should consist of professional workers with their own specialty skills, such as:

  • A kitchen remodeling work often requires re-installation of the new faucet or a dishwasher. This work is risky and is prone to faulty and errors. If you want to minimize the mistakes or you have no past experience or knowledge about the work, it is better to consult the professional plumber.
  • You need to remember that any faulty in the electric installation can lead to hazard, especially in fire and bigger damage. Installing a new lighting fixture or the electric outlets can be dangerous. It is also difficult to manage some of the outlet arrangements, so only rely on the professionals only. In the renovation work, sometimes you need to remove one fixture to another spot, and it takes only the skilled professional to do so.
  • Tile Professional. Do you know that installing the tiles is actually difficult and complicated? Not only it will consume tons of energy and time, it will also consume tons of money and efforts. If you aren’t familiar with the proper tile installation or how to cut the tiles in the most satisfying way, then you should choose the pro only. When you make mistakes, it is going to be costly because you will have to buy another material or invest equipment for the work.
  • Fabricator for Solid Surface. Just like the tile installation, putting up the granite or other surfaces requiring solid installation isn’t easy. The professional work will have to measure everything before installing the items. They will measure,install, polish, and then seal the details to create a perfect finish.

Final Word

You probably think that these people aren’t important, but don’t underestimate their important role. If you are willing to take risk, do the work on your own and see the result. In most cases, hiring the kitchen A-team will deliver a more fruitful outcome.


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