kitchen design and decoration

3 Additional Items for Stunning Kitchen Design and Decoration


Kitchen design and decoration – A productive kitchen can become a part of everyday life. You can create the dishes, makes your own recipe, or other people recipes in the kitchen. The comfortable kitchen will make the user enjoy when they’re cooking in it.

Some additional items for kitchen design and decoration will bring the looks in your kitchen and increasing the mood.

kitchen design and decoration

11. kitchen design and decoration 2

LED lamp

Besides its main function as the light for the kitchen, adding an LED lamp will make the kitchen more stunning and has a futuristic vibe.

It usually has plain design, but the main point for having your kitchen stunning by adding the lamp is the placement of the LED lamp. You can place the sensory LED lamp to the drawers or cabinet, so when you open them it automatically on. Then, having the LED under the wall cabinet will be fine as well. The LED lamp can optimize and perfect items for small kitchen design ideas, it maximizes the light in your kitchen.


Jars can be the decoration’s items in the kitchen based on the arrangement. For example, you can arrange the jars based on the height, various sizes, and shapes or even based on the ingredients. Labeling each jar so you won’t be wrong when using the ingredients. Adding some jars insert will help you to avoid scattering.

There are so many types of jars based on the materials. Porcelain looks good and neat. Glass jar is perfect for colorful and textured ingredients.


Do you think the kitchen of yours looks too dull? Then add the backsplash as one of the kitchen designs and decorations. The main function of having backsplash in the kitchen is mostly to protect the kitchen walls from oil splashes, or other foodstuffs that can leave stains on the wall.

Not only does it serve as a kitchen wall protector, but the backsplash can also be an alluring decorative element. It can be a central point of overall kitchen attention. Take note of materials, when choosing a backsplash. Choose an easy-to-clean material, such as porcelain or glazed ceramic tile. Because It is safe from water or oily substantial.

That’s 3 additional items for kitchen design and decoration you can add in the kitchen. These three can be decoration beside its main function for light, storage, or even a protection. Besides, you can affordably find the items, based on various types in the store.

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