Italian Kitchen Design Tips – Improving the Warmth and Look

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You may want to incorporate some of the Italian kitchen design tips if you are thinking about having such a design style. Italian kitchen is always associated with being stylish, modern, comfy, and also homey. Aside from the gold, ocean, and earth colors, and the matte metal finish for the lighting, you can combine both the traditional and also modern setting.

The Warmth of Italian Kitchen

 Italian Kitchen
Italian Kitchen

When we are talking about Italian kitchen, we are talking about distinctive design that is known for the earthy tones, the classic and traditional elements, and the homey atmosphere. It is open, and warm, and detailed – which is probably not the perfect one for those looking for minimalist design. But don’t worry as there are handy Italian kitchen design tips that can be implemented for your personal space.

Some Handy Tips

best italian kitchen style
best italian kitchen style

If you want to bring in the Italian ambiance, there are some useful and handy tips that won’t hurt your wallet. These tips are basically simple and yet they can bring in the best elements in your kitchen. You don’t necessarily buy the expensive Tuscan shelf or other costly furniture pieces to create stylish and homey look.

  • Keep in mind that Italian kitchen is about coziness and warmth. You should include natural elements such as wood and stone. Traditional wooden cabinets will look great with stone slabs or surfaces. Moreover, Italian décor is about details, so you may want to add details for the plank floors, arched doorways, and wooden clad.
  • Don’t forget about accessories and accents because they play a huge importance in Italian décor. In most cases, it is about cooking, art celebration, and mostly family. Mosaic backsplash or painted tiles can improve the beauty and artistic appeal. Traditional pots and pans can be displayed for the increased visual appeal. You can focus on the kitchen shelf that can display the fresh bread, aged wine, olive oil, and jars of spices.
  • Don’t forget about the Tuscan style floor. One of the Italian kitchen design tips is to pay attention to the floor, which usually made from crafted terracotta, marble, and ceramic tiles with natural and sandy finish. Hand paint furniture or distressed accessories create a welcoming, relaxed, classic, and also warm atmosphere.

Other Details and Elements

There are still many Italian kitchen design tips that you can implement for your kitchen décor. For a starter, you don’t have to include a lot of colors into the décor. You only need to include mosaic tiles and terracotta tiles for another element and splash of colors. Matte finish is preferable than the glossy finish. Don’t forget that Tuscan-based kitchen is about using bold colors and not be afraid to be different. After all, kitchen designs are inspired by the bright sunshine or the green hills, and the rich soil. So, be sure to include all of those colors in your kitchen.

Just because you want to have an Italian kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include metal items. Feel free to include such metal items with matte finish – which can be a good part of Italian kitchen design tips.




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