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hi, guys, I’m finally back. I hope you are very very well I’m happy to be here with all of you again in my absence. These past months have been because I’ve had a lot of work. I had to take a break to dedicate myself full time without rest to some exciting projects for the designer’s platform. I promise that soon I will be sharing all this good news with you in detail. I came to a stay with more content than ever in today’s video. I will share with you the latest kitchen trends. In the past few months. I have had the opportunity to remodel two kitchens and I have found new trends and fascinating ideas.

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So if you plan to renovate your kitchen or design one for a client, this article will serve as an inspiration to give a total of personality and elegance to your design. Before exploring the trends, please don’t forget to click the like button. It’s the best that you can do for me and this channel to continue to grow. Are you ready to know the kitchen trends? Lets get started.


In recent years we have seen that matte black has been a favorite in contemporary kitchen designs. It is an elegant color that gives a touch of exquisite modernity, especially if combined with contrasting and warm materials such as wood or gold. Its true that apparently black came to last a long time as a favorite. However, it’s time for colorful lovers, too fresh colors, like green and blue in both vibrant and light tones, are the trend of the moment.


These cool colors to create a beautiful contrast with wood and warm metals like gold, and this is why it is one of the most used combinations. The best part is that you don’t have to choose to paint all the cabinets in the kitchen. Instead, you can combine cabinets in neutral colors with an island painted in forest, green navy, blue or light blue, or you can choose to paint your lower cabinets, a rich color and go for upper cabinets in white. This is a great way to use a splash of colors in a subtle way, a variety of tones to choose from is huge, and the tone you choose will depend on your taste and the decoration of the adjacent spaces.


Today, kitchens tend to be more dynamic and their designs are more adaptable to the user’s needs and tastes so pick your favorite on and mix and match with wood, metals or other neutral colors that you prefer in previous article. I have commented that the handles and faucets are not only functional elements in contemporary design. These details are part of the design and must be selected in harmony with the cabinet’s collar flooring, countertop and obviously, with a kitchen style.


These metal details are what gives that sophisticated and authentic touch to the spaces. However, these accessories don’t necessarily have to match each other. Instead, combining neutral or cool metals, with warm tone, metals give the space contrast, making the design more interesting. For example, if you are going to use a matte black faucet, you can combine it with brushed gold handles important thing is that you select a dominant and secondary metal and use them throughout the kitchen in equal proportions.

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This helps create a cohesive atmosphere and design in other article. I have told you a lot about this technique, which consists of repeating the same material throughout the space to create rhythm and making our eyes connect and group. All the elements of similar materials and make the brain perceive the space as a unity rhythm, is a fundamental design principle widely used in architecture and interior design. So keep this tip in mind.


An important thing that I recommend before selecting the final accessories for a kitchen is making a material board, either digital or with real samples of the different materials you will use in your design. This way you can visualize how they relate to each other, ensuring that your combination is balanced and pleasant. The backsplash is a fundamental part of a kitchen as they allow is of keeping it clean. On the other hand, they are crucial elements to determine the space’s style and add color and texture. We see the trend in contemporary kitchens is reusing. The same material used in the countertop for the backsplash having the same materials on both surfaces, allows for a cleaner, more minimalist and elegant style.

Tips and Ideas for Home Decor

To achieve a modern look, these surfaces usually have textures that contrast with neutral color cabinets and minimalist style. This allows this piece to be the main focus of the kitchen design. That is why it’s very important and very popular to emphasize the backsplash, using a linear light which can be achieved using led strip apart from enhancing the design’s aesthetics. That same light will be a fundamental part of the kitchen’s functionality, since it will also illuminate the countertop.


The countertop is a highly functional area which needs enough light to make tasks more efficient. On the other hand, when it comes to the countertop, there is another trend, much more casual, which is to use tiles in colors or shapes that break the kitchen’s monopoly. This is an excellent option to add color, texture and style to your design. You can also choose to take the coating up to the ceiling to emphasize the vertical line of the space. It’s a very interesting way to create a focal point to look at in contemporary kitchens.


The cabinets are usually more versatile and adapted to the user. The trend is to bring the upper cabinet up to the ceiling, to take more advantage of the vertical space as a storage and give the kitten the feeling that it is higher than it releases. These upper cabinets are combined with floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. Also, contemporary kitchens can have only low cabinets for creating a luxurious log and at the top you can opt for open, shelving or leave it free for a fresh minimalist. Look. I like this trend, a lot, especially when we talk about kitchens integrated with the living room, since the kitchen can be better adapted to other spaces.

Interesting Ideas for a More Enchanting Kitchen Interior

Sinks are a super functional element in the kitchen. Today, there are ultra functional designs that allow tasks to be carried out in a more organized and comfortable way. These types of things are known as workstations: it has an integrated latch that allows you to slide custom accessories across the sink to prepare meals, wash fruits and vegetables, etc. Kitchens are the most functional area of a home and making tax more efficient through design and the elements that compose it is essential. So if you have a budget that allows you to include these special thing, don’t hesitate to add it to your designs.


Apart from that, they allow you to keep your kitchen clean, unclutter and facilitate tasks. Its modern style gives the kitchen a sophisticated air. This type of scenes can be found on Amazon. There is a great variety of styles. If you are interested, I will leave the links of my top favorites in the description box below good lighting in the kitchen is crucial ceiling lights and under cabinet lights could be complemented by decorative lamps, especially on the island or sink area. These decorative lamps can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, and they are especially used if the kitchen is integrated into the living room or dining room. If so, choose a lamp that connects with the other decorative objects of the home in shape, color and style.


You can opt for a sculptural design for a contemporary style to create a focal point, or you can include a pendant lamp in simple and clean shapes to complement a minimalist space. You can also opt for a truck lighting system for a modern industrial style. I will soon share how I designed the lighting of a kitchen and what lamps and methods i use to provide the necessary amounts of lighting in each kitchen area. So don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and turn on the notifications as well.


So you don’t miss out on this special video that I’ll share with you very soon remember that trends serve as a guide for your designs, but you must adapt and combine them according to your taste and personality. I would love to know your opinion, which of these trends is your favorite. Let me know in a comment below guys if you liked it this article, please click like to support our channel.


I will appreciate it very much thanks for reading and remember to follow us on Instagram at designers and on my personal Instagram, where I share tips and information on interior design, lighting and architecture have a nice week see you in the next one.

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