INTERIOR DESIGN Ideas and Home Decor

Top 10 INTERIOR DESIGN Ideas and Home Decor for Your KITCHEN


INTERIOR DESIGN Ideas and Home Decor

Hi guys welcome back to today, i will talk about 10 must have that should be in every kitchen. In case you are new to Our channel, i’m Max, architect and interior designer founder of designers. Kittens are one of the most functional areas of a home. They are the heart of a house, this space must be highly functional, but it must also be a space where we feel comfortable to enjoy the activities that we develop there.


Kitchens don’t have to be boring. For this reason, it needs certain details that make it functional and beautiful. At the same time, in this video, i will share with you 10 items that can improve your kitchen, no matter what the style or the design of your kitchen is guys. I love knowing your personal taste, so don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing with me, which item should never go missing in your kitchen. Also before exploring the must-have items, please don’t forget to click the like button.


It is the best that you can do for me and this channel to continue to grow here. My 10 favorites, let’s get started, say goodbye to the common, seeing faucet and say hello to unique statement. Designs. Closets are elements that can transform a kitchen, giving it a special and authentic touch. that detail can make a big difference in your kitchen.

Choose the perfect one for your kitchen, evaluate your color palette and the other metals you are using in your home. The key is to visually connect it by its color or style to the other elements that surround it.

Cost of Kitchen Remodel – 5 Tips How to Make Most of Your Budget

There is a wide variety of faucets styles and colors from gold to matte black rose gold or combining metals. There is a touch faucet that controls the flow of water by touching its body with pull-down, sprayer and so on. The best part is that having a stylish faucet is no longer a luxury. There is an immense variety of styles at affordable prices, stick to the most functional one for you and the one that best suits your style and decoration. plants are a wonderful way to break up the monotony of a space, and kitchens are no exception.


You will spend hours in this area and you deserve to be surrounded by things that have common effects such as plants, plants, beautify spaces and purify. The ear include them in your countertop, open shelvings, on your island, on the floor, near windows or in any area where you can maintain it and complement your space. Another beautiful and trendy way to add a touch of nature into the kitchen is by including branches from your garden and putting them with water in glass places. The beauty of nature is unique, so use it to make your life more enjoyable, a clean kitchen is crucial, and this can be achieved by including pull out trash in a functional kitchen.


It is essential to be able to handle waste easily. This type of waste bin is straightforward to install in the lower cabinets. Its system allows you to slide the garbage basket easily. You can keep it outside, while you’re cleaning, which will prevent you from spilling garbage. Then, when you finish, you can hide it to prevent the waste from being visible. Remember that the waist beam must be close to the sink. You must study your movement before installing it. It will be best if you locate it in a place that facilitates your work.


Typically, this place is under the sink, which is the main cleaning station in any kitchen. There are several models which can adapt to your cabinets and your needs. I recently bought one on amazon from the simple human brand. It’s excellent, very resistant and functional. I will leave you the link in case you are interested. When we talk about interior design. One of the fundamental thing is adding your personality to your spaces through decor items that you love.


This type of elements makes your home unique. It makes you connect with your home and feel like you enjoy being there. Your kitchen is no exception, decorate and style. Your kitchen, including flower pots, cutting boards bases, kitchen books, art statement, dish, pieces or any other piece you like, or is part of your daily life. Remember that space is not complete without those details that characterize you and may you enjoy your home. Something fundamental in contemporary kitchens is to keep the areas clear.


This can be achieved by organizing our utensils, and for these we must rely on tools that facilitate organizations and make our space more efficient containers, pot, rack, organizers, a spy rack, baskets, drawer, organizers or smart storage are essential. You can find all these in amazon. There are simple and inexpensive things that can give a substantial change to your kitchen and its functionality. This helps improve your cooking experience.


My recommendation before buying these types of products is that you study what you really use and how often you do. It then identify the key points where it is convenient to place them according to how you use your space measure that place to guarantee that the product fits in the area where it is functional to install it. For example, if you want to organize your spices, ideally they should be accessible from the stove, so you can easily reach it while cooking evaluating your movements and needs before investing in any of these products is crucial in your kitchen’s design and organization.

Interesting Ideas for a More Enchanting Kitchen Interior

All the details count in interior design, the handles and knobs are the jewels of a kitchen. These details are responsible for adding a style and a tote of sophistication. Different styles, colors and finishes are available to suit your interior design style from a matte finish to gold. Black or minimalist, stick to your interior design style and look around to identify what color, material and texture will be perfect for adding a touch of elegance and making your space stand out. The best part is that it is easy to install and can be a great way to revamp your layout and space without significant investment. good lighting in a kitchen is essential, since it is a highly functional area.


Ceiling lighting is crucial to creating overall light in the space, but it must be combined with under cabinet lighting for an optimal lighting plan. This light is a must-have as it illuminates the countertop area correctly. Why is it so necessary? Because, due to its position, it doesn’t generate shadows while preparing meals on the countertop as ceiling lights. Could you can add a specific lamps for these areas or led strips by the way a video is coming soon on how to light up the kitchen, like a pro. So don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification spell. I will give you guidelines as a lighting designer i will share my favorite types of lamps for kitchens.


Another way to make our kitchen and cozy and pleasing space is to include natural, textures and material through decorative elements such as baskets bowls, cutting boards plant pots, stools fabrics, wooden utensils or through surfaces such as wooden countertop, an accent wall, island or open, shelving, no matter your style, natural materials, give any space warmth due to their rich texture and color, and are the perfect complement to match the solid colors of your cabinets and metal details. daiquiri flames are a fundamental element to complete a design in the kitchen.


You can add decorative lamps to different areas depending on its layout. You can add a couple of decorative lamps in the sink area or if you have an island, you can incorporate a sculptural lamp or several lamps in series, depending on the style of your kitchen and your taste ensure that the lamb’s color and shape connect with the Other elements of the space and your home, such as the handles faucets cabinets and so on. I don’t know if utility steps are a must-have, but due to my height for me they are steps, are very functional to organize and take anything from the upper cabinets or pantry.


You can choose folding steps if you are not interested in leaving it visible or using them as a part of your decoration in ikea and amazon. There are some very nice and functional models that you can paint or give your toast, depending on your kitchen style and colors. I would love to know your opinion, which of these elements is your favorite for your kitchen, please let me know in a comment below guys if you liked this video, please click like support this channel and subscribe. I will appreciate it very much thanks for watching and remember to follow our instagram, where i started to share tips and information on interior design, lighting and architecture. Have a nice week see you in the next one you.


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