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Do you want to know the top colors for the year 2021? Do you want to know the latest in interior design? In today’s video, i will show you the colors proposed for 2021. We will see some ideas together on how to combine and use them in interior design. If you are new here, I’m Max architect, interior and lighting designer founder of designers.

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Colors are an essential element in our life, especially in interior design, since they directly affect how we perceive a space and consequently, our mood and emotions. Are you ready to get inspired and to know the colors of the year?

Let’s get started: a gm teal by benjamin moore, this greenish blue shade is cozy and relaxing essential qualities. These days since more than ever, we are spending more time in our homes. It is a fresh color that can be used in any area of our home. This tone is a cool color. Therefore, it is ideal for creating contrast using warm neutrals and materials and textures such as natural wood, lean fabrics, jute rustic elements, gold, brass rose, gold, etc.

You can also opt for a palette combining this tone with other blue or green tones. However, it is always good to add warm materials as they create balance and contrast in the composition. This tone can be used in multiple ways in your interiors on an accent wall. As a color for shelves, interior or front doors, bathroom vanity and in the cabinets or on kitchen islands in the kitchen trends for 2021 article that i shared with you a few weeks ago, we talked about these tons as kitchen favorites.

If you haven’t seen yet and you’re looking for new ideas for your kitchen i’ll leave you the link up here and in the description box, urban bronze is sharing willian’s color of the year and it is a warm and earthy paint color. It is a shade between brown and gray with green undertones. Sherman williams describes it as a pure and minimalist expression of nature.

Urban bronze conveys a sense of warmth and welcome. This shade is ideal to combine with warm neutrals or greens as biophilia, and everything that connects with nature continues to be a trend in interior design. The ideal materials to combine this color are natural materials like wood finishes, especially in light tones to create contrast with the darkness of the urban bronze color, also stone accents like colorado, marble tongue, leather, wool, jute wooden seed, organic textile or anything other warm and natural material.


Add in a toast of shine with brass finishes through details is an extraordinary way to contrast all these natural and organic elements as a dark tone, it is essential to consider the amount of natural and artificial light in the space before deciding to use it. every year, pantone chooses a color depending on trends, situations and human behavior, as people look for ways to fortify themselves with energy clarity and hope.

These days, pantone selected, two colors, illuminating, yellow and ultimate gray as color of the year colors evoke feelings and emotions. Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, creativity, joy, sunshine, spring and positivity. It is the brightest of all the colors in the spectrum. It is the color that captures our attention and evokes creativity more than any other color. The giusta position of these two colors selected by penton is interesting.

Gray is prevalent, neutral, color used in interior design. However, jello is such an energetic color. We must use them in appropriate doses and places. Yellow is best used as an accent color. It can be for the front door, pillows accent, chair, ottoman, kitchen stools, cabinets, an eye-catching, sofa in a neutral room, etc. If you need a torch of positivity optimism and joy, this might be a good option. Be creative, but be careful, yellow and gray can be combined with other neutral colors such as white and black.

For a contemporary look, if you like bold and vibrant colors, you can combine yellow with a few complementary touches of colors by the way, if you want to know how to combine, yellow or another color, i will leave you an excellent video up here and in the Description box, below where i explain how to use the color wheel to achieve perfect combinations and, if you’re, more of a graphic learner, i also have two free guides on color theory and color combination.

You can check that out in the description box below to download them. I hope it helps another tone inspired by nature’s colors, which gives an exquisite style to our room. It’s relaxing and pleasant. You can use this color in the living room, bedroom or even on your kitchen, cabinets or island there to combine them with cool touches.

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Home Decor Tips & Ideas

If you want to add light and elegance to your design, it is a perfect color to be combined with other green tones, earthy tones, warm neutrals, whites and, of course, natural textures, such as any wooden ton, jute linen or tan leather, And for the last color i will not present a single color.

I will present several warm neutral tones. Sherwin-Williams presents these neutral warm tones as part of the color palette of the year. They are the perfect base to combine with the trendy colors inspired by nature, such as greens, clay, urban bronze, among others. One neutrals are great for giving our spaces a nice, cozy and relaxing feel without a doubt.

One neutral serve as a perfect background of all trends. Focused and inspired by nature and relaxation best of all these neutrals are excellent for creating calm, warm and relaxed spaces. Essential conditions for any area of our home combine them with an accent color that complements your style and other decorative elements. By the way, i have an excellent video explaining how to choose the perfect, neutral color.

I will leave you the link up here and in the description box below remember that the color palette you choose for your spaces should make your feel good and transmit a positive five to you. So before following trends and choosing a color think and evaluate your taste, your style and the sensations, you want to feel in the different spaces of your home.

So now it’s your turn to. Let me know in a comment below which of these colors is your favorite one guys if you liked this video, please click like to support this channel and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for reading, where i share tips And valuable information on interior design, architecture and lighting design have a beautiful week.

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  1. I was really interested when you talked about things like brass and bronze as things that are being used nowadays. I wondered if these were out of style since they seemed a bit too classical, but reading this has really started getting me excited for what we’ll do for our shower room. I’ll ask a bathroom remodeler to help me pick out the best way to use these kinds of fixtures for sure.

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