IN-HOUSE Contemporary Kitchen Design Concepts
Kitchen Design Concepts

IN-HOUSE Contemporary Kitchen Design Concepts



IN-House Contemporary Kitchen Design Concepts


I had an opportunity today to spend some time talking about Phoenix with my team, and I felt I should share with you as well.

What I’m going to do now is talk about the thermohaline, because the cool thing about nanoparticles is it: has this ability to renew itself? So what I’m going to do is actually a little live demo here before I’m going to take other typical for could use in the kitchen,

I’m just going to actually scratch the surface a little bit here. They can see what’s happening and by the way we don’t recommend this at home. It’s people, my demo, for you.

You can see there that there’s a ton of scratches on the surface of the material, and I did that with any lamin material. It’S not repairable with Phoenix, because it’s a nanoparticle, let me show you we’re going to do so.

I can simply wipe that clean and then I can bring in a maybe a magic eraser and create some friction, because we’re really going to do is we’re gonna thermo heal the material. So that’s going to get a little bit of the scratching off just kind of in a normal day-to-day usage, but what I’m really going to do is I’m going to accelerate in some heat now I don’t recommend you use an iron on any laminate in the world.

This is kind of how I like to define Phoenix being different than everyone, so I’m actually going to take that ironing over right on top of the Phoenix it’s going to move it back and forth, and what I’m doing right now is I’m heating up the molecules?

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The molecules are getting active and they’re saying I got ta go back to where I was so. That’s scratching that basically pushing the molecules apart and now I’m heating them up, so they’ll go back to their original position, and this should be about enough heat, and I should be able to give it a little bit of a magic eraser white like this and I’ll.

Just wipe it off to clean it by the way it’s a little bit hot when you put an iron on top of it, I’m gonna give it a little wipe down and, as you can see, the scratches are all gone.

Okay and that’s what I love about this product, it does have a redo there. Now we’re not telling you that it’s gon na last forever that it’s impervious. It’s not like that at all. As a matter of fact, what I like it, the most is in vertical applications.


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