I shaped kitchen designs

I Shaped Kitchen Designs to Futuristic Theme


I shaped kitchen designs – The futuristic design adopts the principles of minimalist design. The kitchen may have less decorative or pattern objects. It is a simple design and only uses essential furniture. Is it possible I shaped kitchen designs to the futuristic theme? How it can be? Here’s the answer.

I shaped kitchen designs

Curve island and cabinet

Most of the furniture may plain simple and have no ornaments or less texture even. But, the shape of the futuristic theme may tend to have a curve or modular looks. Is it possible I shaped kitchen designs to curvier one? Sure, if you get the perfect store to shop. The islands are perfect when you want one of the places of the kitchen to look futuristic. It will be very enticing to your guest and said that the kitchen has the touch of the owner’s futuristic mind.

Contrast in color

The combination of the color may be contrasting, it somewhat neutral and have some touch of the bright color. Maybe one is vibrant blue or neon green, and the other is simple and neat white, neutral silver, and ivory. The vibrant color can give life yet the neutral give the solid look. It will be the perfect combination for you who likes to have a cold yet alive kitchen.

LED light

LED become one of the futuristic elements you should apply in your kitchen to make it look futuristic. Besides its main function as the additional light in the kitchen, LED can make your kitchen look aesthetic, for sure if you have the right places to be stick to. For example, you can place the LED under or above the furniture, rather than just placing it in the ceiling.

Glossy materials

When you think about a futuristic kitchen, don’t forget the materials you choose for the fixtures and the furniture. Mostly it comes from the glossy and shiny materials. The elegant impression that emerged in the futuristic design comes from the use of those slick and shiny textured materials. You can use metallic materials like stainless steel and aluminum, or glass, mirror, granite, marble, porcelain, and so on. The light reflection of this material can produce a different atmosphere in the room. It can be the natural lighting to widening your space as well.

Upgrade the kitchen gadget

Well, futuristic can complete if you get your kitchen gadget as well. Not that really fancy one because the cost of kitchen remodel plus the advanced kitchen gadget may drain your wallet. However, you can avoid the fact that using the electric system in the kitchen for the lights, the equipment, or even the furniture is one of the essences of the futuristic kitchen design.

So, have I shaped kitchen designs to futuristic theme suit you well? Prepare your budget and get your kitchen to remodel!

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