Stainless Steel Bread Box
Stainless Steel Bread Box

How To Store Bread In The Stainless Steel Bread Box

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Searching for bread storage which has function to be an oven? Stainless steel bread box can be one of the solutions. The breadbox has widely been used in the food industry as a kitchenware. The function of bread box is to store the bread so that it will always be fresh like from the oven.

The bread box is deigned to have sanitary. It has no BPA and phthalates leaching from plastic. It allows you to safe the bread without feeling worry because it will not change the smell of the bread. This stainless steel bread box is considered to be more practical and lightweight than the glass or ceramic ones.

For that reason, it will be a good idea to get this bread box to save your bread. However, you must understand how to store the bread in the box correctly to avoid your bread going dry. Herein, consider these following suggestions:

Don’t Slice All of The Bread

 Stainless Steel Bread Box
Stainless Steel Bread Box

Never slice the all of the entire bread. It will make your read gong dry soon which means your bread will die. It will be better if you slice only the pats of bread which are going to eat. Store the remaining loaf of bread in the stainless steel bread box you already have.

Use A Tray

Although the bread box can store your bread well, however, it is recommended that you use a tray to put your bread on and place it into the box. It is better if you don’t leave the bread alone only with the bread box.

Don’t Include Other Meals

Tasty bread maker
Tasty bread maker

To keep your bread crunchy and tasty like the original coming freshly from the open, don’t include other meals to store along with the bread. Otherwise, the smell will not be good. Thus, use your stainless steel bread box only for your bread.

Don’t Give Any Additional Flavor

Sometimes, to result more aromatic meals, people adds additional flavor to make the meals smell strongly. However, it will just ruin the original taste and smell of the bread. Thus, you need to keep only the bread in the bread box.

Keep the Loaf Out Of Plastic Wrap

bread with Plastic Wrap
bread with Plastic Wrap

It is suggested that you keep out the bread of plastic wrap if you choose the bread box to save your bread. It will make the bread humid. When you are going to eat the bread again, you may open the box and cut the bread only for a slice you are going to eat. Keep it back in the stainless steel bread box.


Out of the given tips about how to store the bread in the stainless bread box, it is clear that it is very easy to store your bread in the stainless steel bread box. Never add anything including additional flavor and never use the bread box to store other meals along with the bread. As the result, you will have a durable bread box as well as good bread if you follow the instruction well. Happy trying!

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