kitchen island ideas
kitchen island ideas

How To Set Up Kitchen Island With Built In Wine Fridge

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Kitchen island with built in wine fridge – Designing kitchen island is the most interesting topic for women. Since kitchen is the soul of a home and it is much related to woman, kitchen must have the most comfortable and attractive design. Generally, it won’t be enough just to design kitchen completed with kitchen island, there should be some addition to beautify the kitchen island, one of which is kitchen island with built in wine fridge.

Wine fridge

How To Set Up Kitchen Island With Built In Wine Fridge
How To Set Up Kitchen Island With Built In Wine Fridge

Wine fridge is also known as wine cooler. It is a kind of container to store and cool the wine. For some people, wine fridge becomes the most important addition of house appliance located in the kitchen. The existence of wine fridge inside the kitchen island in your house brings you flexibility to your comfort. Having wine fridge makes you able to store and drink your favorite wine whenever you want to. As well as when the guests are already coming to your house, you don’t have to go out for drinking or buying the wine. Furthermore, you will stay more often in your house because as if you had your own bar.

How to Set Up

kitchen island ideas
kitchen island ideas

It is not as easy as you predict about how to set up kitchen island with built in wine fridge. Therefore, you must carefully plan about how to. There are a lot to consider before setting up the wine fridge.

  1. Decide how much the maximum cost you are going to afford for the wine fridge.
  2. Choose the model of the wine fridge you are willing to. Make sure the model of the wine fridge fit the kitchen island. You need to think and measure the size, the dimension, the specs, the attributes and the features of the wine fridge.
  3. Decide where to put the wine fridge. Make sure the space is available to install the wine fridge.
  4. Install your new wine fridge directly within the kitchen island by your own wise. This is very important since the location will determine whether or not you will enjoy the wine.
  5. You may choose the slim wine fridge in order not to take more space.

There is one big question out of those ideas above. What if you have only a little cozy space in the kitchen completed with so many cabinets? Never feel worry about it. Here you got it, you can have the built-in wine fridge. The built-in wine fridge’s front ventilation feature enables you to set it under nearly any counter.

Other way, you may choose one wine fridge which fits in a standard under countertops or you can try to find one unit with double capacities to enable you store the cookie, cans, bottles of wine, pots and pans all together. There will be a product of built-in wine fridge suiting your necessity.


No matter how much space you have in your kitchen island, you can actually design it with any completion as you desire, one of which is having kitchen island with built in wine fridge.  Make sure you find this page to read on and get such inspiration.

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