How to remodel a kitchen

How to Remodel a Kitchen – Gourmet Edition


How to remodel a kitchen – Cooking is one of the most fun activities you can do anytime at your house. The art of cooking has been with mankind since ancient times. Nowadays, most of the people will make their food professionally and creatively. Thanks to the advancement of technology, everything in the world becomes easier, including when it comes to cooking. The best cooking experience is from the kitchen itself. Because it is the place where we do all of the processes. Applying professional kitchen interior design ideas is not easy as well. However, because of that, in this article, we will talk about how to remodel a kitchen – gourmet edition.

How to Remodel a Kitchen

How to remodel a kitchen

Gourmet kitchens are full of professional appliances. The sad thing is probably about the budget. Professional set means it can be expensive to be bought. However, it is worth trying because of the professional appliances. Very worth trying if you are looking for the best cooking experience.

To apply the gourmet kitchen when you ask about how to remodel a kitchen, placing the island is the first step. Island in the kitchen means it is a freestanding cabinet that can be designed to look the same as your kitchen design and other appliances. Island can be the second sink for your kitchen. The size you will need for the kitchen island is 1,2 meters long and 61 centimeters wide.

The gourmet kitchen usually opens widely to your guests. It means that the guests can see your cooking directly. To protect our guests from the splash that came from the kitchen, you might want to consider using the island with taller size. You will need at least 42 inches (106,7 centimeters), and the counter is shortest. You will need a lower island at least 36 inches (91,4 centimeters) to hide dirty plates. Island must be surrounded by the water source, such as the sink and the dish-cleaning machine.

With the open gourmet kitchen, all surfaces must be clean from anything dirty. The best material for your professional kitchen appliances is made of synthetic stone.

There are several benefits of using synthetic-based appliances. They are not porous, anti-scratch, resistant to water, stain, and high temperature. The surface is softly smooth, and you can make it looks shiny. Unlike other materials, synthetic-based appliances are resistant to microorganism growth. So, that is how to remodel a kitchen to look professional. It can cost you much, but it is worth trying.

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