Dining Table in Small Kitchen
Dining Table in Small Kitchen

How To Place Dining Table in Small Kitchen With 7 Smart Ways

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If you are wondering how to place dining table in small kitchen properly and stylishly, there are actually some smart and great options that you can incorporate for your personal space. With the increasing popularity of small houses, homeowners have to be smart and creative in managing the layout of the house. The problem with small house is the small kitchen – which can be problematic if you want to have a dining space. So, what should you do to address the issue?

Creative and Smart Ideas

Dining Table in Small Kitchen
Dining Table in Small Kitchen

So, here are some ways on how to place dining table in small kitchen. You’d be surprised to know that some of the solutions are pretty simple.

  • If you have a completely small and limited kitchen, and it is pretty close to the window, why not creating a window seat? You can simply install a wall mounted board right across the window and place some chairs or stools there. Not only you have a dining area, you can also have a wonderful view while enjoying your meal.
  • This method is still related to the previous one, where you can incorporate windows as a part of your design. In the event that your kitchen is in the form of a cubicle and you have a pretty large window, especially one close to the corner, why not making yourself a corner dining table? It doesn’t have to be big or spacious – as long as it is able to accommodate 2 people, you are good to go.
  • If your kitchen comes with a kitchen island, why not creating a spot for the stools underneath? If you have extra budgets, you can elevate the surface, right on the area where the stools are located. In this way, you can create a boundary of which is the preparation and cooking area and which one is for eating. You have a multifunctional kitchen island that can serve as a cooking space as well as eating space.

Further Ideas and Inspirations

wall mounted Table for Kitchen
wall mounted Table for Kitchen

There are still other ideas and ways on how to place dining table in small kitchen, such as:

  • Having one right behind the countertop, which is quite ideal when you have a rather narrow and long kitchen.
  • You can also add a drop-leaf table which can be folded when not in use. This is especially handy and space efficient. This kind of table comes in various styles, from the classic and traditional to modern and a bit edgy – including the colors.
  • A wall mounted table is perfect for this kind of small kitchen, especially if you can tuck in your chairs or stools right underneath – it will save up even more space. If you have the extra budgets, you can have the multifunctional wall mounted table, which is like the drop-leaf design.
  • You can also combine small and space friendly furniture with smart layout. A compact and possibly portable table can be combined with folding chairs that can be stored in wall mounted mechanism.

All of these ideas can be applicable and are actually working well. Consider planning it well. After all, now that you already know how to place dining table in small kitchen, you want to get started, right?


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