Hang Corkboard Inside The Cabinet Door

How To Organize a Small Kitchen Cabinet With 6 Steps

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Having only a limited kitchen cabinet requires some tips on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet. Since the existence of kitchen cabinet is pretty important to store kitchen utensils and kitchen stuff as well as other items needed, you have to find ideas how to organize the unlimited items in the limited cabinet.

Days to day, you can’t avoid purchasing items and stuff to bring to the kitchen and store them well. Meanwhile the small kitchen cabinet can’t probably accommodate them all. This way, you have to be thankful of finding this article as we are going to give you some tips on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet so that everything will be well-organized and nice to look.

Expand the Counter Space

Counter Space for small kitchen
Counter Space for small kitchen

The first tip you have to check out is expanding the counter space. No matter how small your kitchen cabinet is, you can still be able to expand the counter space. Optimize every little space available to keep everything well-organized in the kitchen. For example, you can settle a handy over-the-sink cutting board. You can temporarily use it or let it on the counter.

Use Magnetic Spice Rack

The second tip you need to know is using the magnetic spice rack. Knowing that your small kitchen cabinet is overloaded, you can use magnetic spice rack attached on the side of your fridge. It would also work well to help you arrange the items in the rack through the magnetic device. As another personal choice, you can also install the magnetic spice rack on a hanging sheet inside the cabinet’s door.

Hang Corkboard Inside The Cabinet Door

Hang Corkboard Inside The Cabinet Door

Hanging a corkboard on the inside of the cabinet door is the next tip on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet you can try especially when your small cabinet can’t accommodate your items anymore. It is very helpful to use every bit of space which seems to be available.

Hang A Simple Rail From Your Ceiling

When you have no more space in your small kitchen cabinet, look at your ceiling just above your kitchen sink. You can install a simple rail from your ceiling to hang your pans, Teflon, wok, and other items if it is possible.

Install A Small Opened Shelves

While there is no idea of storing your items in your small kitchen cabinet anymore, installing a small opened shelves would also work well. You can chose the corner zone to install the shelves. Thus, you can put all of your collections of glass and cup on the shelves to avoid the crowd of things in the cabinet.

Install A Rolling Shelf-System

Rolling Shelf-System in the kitchen
Rolling Shelf-System in the kitchen

The last tip we would like to recommend dealing with the tip on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet is to install a rolling shelf-system especially if you are a go-big-or-go-home person. Many different shelves are installed inside the main cabinet to organize your items based on your items categories.


Overall, there will always be a solution over a problem. Possessing only a small kitchen cabinet doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your dozens of items there. Find out the tips on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet in this article and get inspired.

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