Seat Cushions for Chairs
Seat Cushions for Chairs

How To Make Your Own Seat Cushions for Chairs


Since the existence of seat cushions brings you a comfort and a pleasure, you need to know how to make your own seat cushions for chairs. Why do you have to make them by yourself instead of purchasing them from the store? Well, if you can create them then you will be able to save more money to be used for other things, right? Moreover, it will give you a challenge to test your creativity in making them true.

 Seat Cushions for Chairs
Seat Cushions for Chairs

On this page, you will find out the way of creating seat cushions for chairs especially using foam. It will describe step by step to present a clear procedure so that you will be able to follow the procedure correctly.

If you are possessing seats without cushions or you want to replace your old cushions with the new ones, consider the following steps and follow every construction to get the best result.


  1. Prepare the budget

The first thing you must consider about making your own seat cushions for chairs is the budget. You always need a budget if you want to create something. You need to buy the equipment as well as to pay for the service of someone’s assistance when you need it. Estimate the budget well so that you will never get lost in spending money.

  1. Prepare the information

Searching the information as you do with this page is also important to help you understand the guidance. The more information, the better the result you will get.

  1. Prepare the equipment

Some equipment you may need to create your own seat cushions for chairs are:

  • Measuring tape
  • Straight edge
  • Shears
  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Craft paper or newspaper
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing thread
  1. Prepare your time

Certainly, you will be able to succeed doing any creation as long as you have your specific time. so, determine the time you will be going to make it.


  1. Measurement
chair masurement
chair masurement

The first step of how to make your own seat cushions for chair is the measurement. In this case, you need to measure the seat of your chairs from side to side and from front to back. Add each of your measurement by six inches to get the total length of fabric you need for each cushion.

  1. Pattern Matter
cutting foam
cutting foam

The next step is dealing with pattern matter. In this case, you have to draw your foam dimension out on a piece of newspaper of craft paper you have prepared. The straight edge may be used to keep the lines straight. Place the pattern on foam and make a trace. Cut the foam using shears. Then, place the pattern on the fabric and cut it along. These pieces will become the top cover of your cushions.

  1. Foaming
Place it to the fabric
Place it to the fabric

The next step is to place your foam on the fabric, pin the long side strips of the fabric. Let one corner open. Sew along the fabric up to the ends and remove the pins. Sew the remaining opening corner using needle and thread.

  1. Finishing

As finishing step, you can attach some nice fabric stickers using any strong glue in order to make the cushions look nice.


Finally, you can find out that it is very easy to make seat cushions for chairs. If you can make them by yourself then why don’t you make them true now?

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