how to Install A Dishwasher
how to Install A Dishwasher

How To Install A Dishwasher Safely And Properly

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Below are the step-by-step guide on how to install a dishwasher properly and correctly. This also includes ways to pull out your old machine and replace it with a new one. Hence, it shows you how to make the new water, drain as well as electrical connections as well. All you need is a few easy-to-get basic tools and you can get it done and working in a matter of hours!

Replacing The Old Appliance

how to Install A Dishwasher
how to Install A Dishwasher

Typically, most dishwashers are about 24” in wide and thus altering cabinets won’t be necessary in order to get a new dishwasher to fit. However, you might have to alter the cabinets if you decide to change sizes and this thing is more complex. Therefore, it would require more advanced skills than this tutorial on how to install a dishwasher can provide.

Notice that extra layers of flooring have raised the floor height in front of the old machine. Such thing can make the removal of the old dishwasher and add a new one a bit difficult. Use an old rug or a blanket to protect the floor while removing the dishwasher. Grab a screwdriver, two adjustable wrenches, a pair of pliers, a tape measure and a level. A screwdriver is used to remove the attachment screws at the top of the dishwasher counter flange. Then, pull out the bottom cover. You need to attach wire nuts at the end of the wires and remove the wires from the terminal screws. Other things you’ll need include: a bucket, shallow pan, rag and sponge to collect water that’s going to drain from the lines when disconnecting them. Unplug the power to the dishwasher under the sink or turn it off at the main panel. Don’t forget to turn the water off to the dishwasher at the nearest shutoff valve too or shut it off at the water heater. Removing the cabinet doors from the sink base is a good idea too to make disconnecting the drain lines easier.

Prepare to install the New Machine

 A Dishwasher water supply
A Dishwasher water supply

Ensure the water supply at the valve is still turned off as well as the power of the dishwasher.

  • Step 1: Start off by positioning the machine on its back and connect the drain hose with a compression clamp.
  • Step 2: The water line connection needs to be wrapped up with Teflon tape and attach the 900 brass fitting which is used to connect the water line. At this stage, you can slide in the new machine by screwing the front legs of the appliance in to fit it in easily. Have someone else to pull the drain hose through under the sink while you are at it.
  • Step 3: The water line needs to be connected below the dishwasher to the 90 degree brass fitting
  • Step 4: arrange the electric cable through the sleeve on the dishwasher. Don’t forget to tighten the sleeve in order to prevent the cable to be pulled out
  • Step 5: this time mind the wires connection. Ground wire to the green screw, black wire to black one and white wire to white wire. To secure the connection, make use of wire nuts.
  • Step 6: the new drain hose should be connected at its previous position. Then, open the hot water valve to fill the water line and check if there is any leaks visible. Should it occur, recheck all the connections.

Adjusting the front legs down and position them properly a well as attaching the mounting screws should conclude the how to install a dishwasher tutorial!


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