Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker not making ice

How To Fix Ice Maker Not Making Ice

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A fridge is something that most people simply can’t live without. It certainly does not help that this happens to be hardest working appliance in any home. So, when one part stops working, you’ll get all panicky. One possible part that could stop working any time is the ice maker. One may not realize but having ice ready whenever one needs or wants is a luxury that most people take for granted. No need to rush on and call a customer service if you find your ice maker jammed or seem broken because we’ve compiled a list of possibilities that can contribute to your ice maker not making ice conundrum.

A Common Cause

Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker not making ice

When you notice the ice maker is producing crescents or cubes that are tinier than usual, or even not producing ice at all, it’s usually indicative of a clog somewhere along the supply line. Typically, a clog is caused by frozen water in the line.

In order to repair this problem, you need to slide the fridge and then unplug it. Then, locate the shut-off valve which is normally located behind the unit or underneath the sink. You need to turn the valve to the off or closed position once you’ve located it. After that, fill a turkey baster with warm water and then pour it over the water line. Another great and definitely working alternative for this ice maker not making ice issue caused by frozen water in the line is to defrost the water line with a hair dryer. You can also just let the fridge to sit unplugged for upward of two hours tops.

Then, restore power to the fridge and listen carefully for the water supply to fill the ice mould. Should the clog happen to be anything but translucent, you might want to consult with a professional for help with removing the clog.

Then, there is also a possibility the ice maker water filler is clogged. When this is the case, you need to locate it and then replace the water filter. This filter is usually located inside the fridge.

Reset Ice Maker

Reset Ice Maker

In most cases, this problem can be fixed by simply resetting it. To do this, the procedure is pretty much straightforward for the standard unit. If you are in doubt, then check the manual for your unit.

Before try resetting it, you can try adjusting the feeler arm to see if it’s stuck. This arm functions like those floats in toilets. It will shut off the ice maker when the tray is full. It’s spring loaded and will fall when the tray is emptied. If it’s stuck by ice or due to lack of lubrication, simply push the arm and you’ll hear the sound of water flowing into the reservoir.

Certain brands, like Samsung, equip the ice maker with reset button that’s easy to identify. You need to remove the tray first to access it. Then, you’ll see the bright red reset button on the bottom. Press the button in and hold for 10 seconds to reset the ice maker. Then release it if the chime sound is heard inside the fridge or when the ice maker begins making noise and operating. Once it starts working, it will eject whatever is in the reservoir, so it’s better to replace the tray and close the fridge to prevent the partially frozen water to spill onto the floor.

Hope this answers your ice maker not making ice problem!


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