Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers
Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers

How To Fill Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Did you realize that cute salt and pepper shakers can be the source of spirit to cook? Imagine that a huggable elephant is sitting nice on your cabinet in the kitchen or a little monkey with his friends is waiting for you there. What a cute situation!

They give you not only the good look but also the easy way of pouring the salt and pepper. Using shakers is very much beneficial to help you reach the seasoning. You can also make your kids interested to get participated in the cooking activity.

Cute salt and pepper shakers come in many types and different models. They can appear as cute animals, cute mini bottles, round faces, and etc. The size of the shakers is usually small. Typically, the shakers are easy to handle since you must hold them to shake and pour the salt and pepper.

However, filling the shakers with salt and pepper is sometimes a difficult thing. Herein, it will be clearly explored how to fill cute salt and pepper shakers. This information will provide you the easy tips to follow so that you will feel confident to fill the shakers.

Read The Instruction

salt and pepper shaker
salt and pepper shaker

The first thing you must do is to read the instruction how to fill the cute salt and paper shakers carefully. Read in detail of the instruction and understand every step. When you think you have understood the instruction, you must soon apply and try by yourself.

Fill The Right Shakers with The Right Seasoning

Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers
Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers

This is the basic steps of all. Some user says that it needs only fewer holes for the salt and larger holes for the pepper to get into the container. Meanwhile, other users say it is better to have smaller holes for the salt and pepper to flavor the dish. However, it actually depends on the grains size.

Tap The Base Holes Of The Shakers

The second step you have to consider about filling the cute salt and pepper shaker is to tap the base holes of the shakers. The fine grains will be able to slip through the holes easily. That’s why you must tape the base holes to prevent the grains slip.

Open the Hard Stoppers

hard stopper
hard stopper

It can be very hard to budge the stoppers or the plugs of the shakers and it becomes a more difficult way when you want to open and refill it. Here are the suggestion steps to help you open the stoppers:

  • Use a knife and blunt it against one side of the plugs or stoppers. The knife may leave a mark on the stopper but it is not a big deal.
  • Ask for other person’s help. Find the strong person to help you open the stoppers.
  • Wash the stopper using warm water. This may help to soften the stopper.


Conclusively, filling cute salt and pepper shakers is pretty easy if you know the right way. All you need to do is to find more information about the instruction and follow it correctly. Don’t worry if you are still unable to do that. Keep this page to help you.

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