How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen


How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen? Bespoke kitchens are increasingly popular in this day and age. It’s a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon! If you’re thinking about designing your own bespoke kitchen, it’s important to think about what style will work best for you. We’ll discuss some of the most common styles below and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision when designing your perfect bespoke kitchen.

How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen


This style is perfect for the person who loves classic, timeless interiors. It’s also a great choice if you love to cook and have some old-school appliances in your kitchen that need replacing! The traditional look means everything will match – which can be really nice if it fits with your house interior.

For example, older homes often have traditional interiors, so you could match your kitchen to the rest of your house if it’s classic in style. Traditional kitchens are very versatile and can be adapted for changing tastes, making them a good choice for someone who loves change or has plans on selling their home in the future.


If you love modern art and design, then this is the perfect option for you! However, beware that when designing something like a bespoke kitchen that looks “modern”, there will probably need to be at least some compromise with other elements of the space (e.g., appliances).

For example, white appliances tend not to look too great against sleek black cupboards; however, they do tend to work well together when paired with a modern kitchen. * Modern kitchens are also a great choice if you know that your family is going to have growing kids in the future, as they tend not to look too dated!

Industrial Style

The industrial style can be tricky when it comes to choosing colors for your kitchen’s cabinets and appliances – but don’t worry because we’ve got some tips below on how best to do this! This style of the interior design works well with homes that already have an alarmingly high number of exposed brickwork or wooden beams.

However, even if this isn’t the case then there are other ways you can make your home feel more like it belongs in New York City (a popular place where the inspiration for “industrial” decorating came from) – for example, a large number of white or black accents. This style works best if you want your kitchen to have a very modern feel but don’t want the space to look too stark and cold.

How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

Scandinavian Style

If you’re looking for something that’s bright and functional then this is definitely the style for you! The general rule with any interior design trend is that it helps not to try going overboard on one specific aspect – so if we were designing your perfect bespoke kitchen, we would recommend keeping things as minimalistic as possible in order to keep everything feeling light and airy.

One way of doing this whilst staying true to a Scandi theme would be by choosing lighter wood cabinets rather than dark ones – which instantly makes the room feel more spacious. Scandinavian kitchens are known for their simplicity, so they don’t tend to look too great if you have a large number of other elements in the space – such as lots of appliances or other types of stonework (e.g., tiles).

Classic Shaker Style

This style can be tricky to pull off but looks amazing when done correctly! The classic shaker cabinets that this style is often associated with aren’t really seen much anymore due to them being slightly outdated; however, there are ways around this which we will discuss below. A good tip would be to choose white or very light wood cabinets and then contrasting hardware- this gives everything a fresh new modern twist on an otherwise old-school design choice.

Alternatively, you could go for more of a shabby chic style by pairing your cabinets with some antique-looking hardware (e.g., knobs) or even chunky wooden door handles – this is all about making the space feel warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical! The best thing about these types of kitchens, apart from how amazing they look when done well? They are extremely easy to clean since they don’t have many grooves/crevices that food can get caught in.

How to Design the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

Grey Kitchen Design

We love grey kitchen design because it’s so versatile; however, if we were designing one specifically then our main tip would be not to do too much else with the rest of the interior design choices. This means keeping colors neutral and simple, as well as staying clear of any other strong colors. A grey kitchen works best if you want to keep the mood very relaxed – it makes a space feel calm and serene rather than overly formal or stuffy.

French Country Style Kitchen

The french country style is one that we’re definitely fans of here at TDH! It’s a great style choice for anyone who wants their home to have a more traditional aesthetic but without going too overboard on rustic features. To achieve this look yourself then choose cabinets with intricate carvings/veneering patterns, paired with white appliances which will make everything stand out even more against dark wooden cupboards. This style works best when it’s done without too much in the way of contrasting colors, so keep things neutral where possible.

Traditional English Country Style

The traditional English country style is another classic option that looks great in both modern and more formal kitchens alike. As with all other styles, pick a color palette that will suit your interior design choices – whether you want to go for dark or light cabinets then just make sure there are enough natural tones included (e.g., creams/beiges) to stop everything from looking too stark!

We recommend choosing appliances that look rustic but also work well within the space; wood-burning ovens could be an ideal choice if this is what you’re after since they’ll really help with the traditional aesthetic!

The best thing about these types of kitchens, apart from how amazing they look when done well? They are extremely easy to clean since they don’t have many grooves/crevices that food can get caught in.

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