terracota Kitchen Wall
terracota Kitchen Wall

How to Design Kitchen Wall With Terracotta and Matching Everything up

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If you want to have a natural feel and flair in your kitchen, you are probably wondering how to design kitchen wall with terracotta. Well, terracotta is a warm tone that is mostly used in Spanish style or theme. It gives a warm sensation, delivering homey and also natural atmosphere to the overall setting. However, if you want to have enough warmth without overdoing it, what is the best way to decorate everything?

Some of the Alternative Options

The kitchen is the heart of your house so it is only logical and normal if you want to deliver a warm atmosphere into the setting. Decorating kitchen with the terracotta will be a good idea but you should also remember that it is quite a powerful tone. If you are overdoing it, then you will end up making everything cheesy and cheap.

terracota Kitchen Wall
terracota Kitchen Wall

So, how to design kitchen wall with terracotta?

  • First of all, you can combine terracotta with accompanying element, not necessarily located on the wall but on the ceiling or floor. You can paint the wall in warm terracotta and pair it up with wooden floor or any other floor with brick stone pattern. Combination of terracotta and brown is great, especially if you can have the natural elements in the design. If you choose laminate floor with brick stone patterns, that would be great. The same pattern can also be applied for the ceiling. Of course, if you decide to decorate the ceiling, make sure that the floor is plain. White floor or plain wooden floor will be the best option.

terracota Kitchen Wall

  • You can also combine terracotta with natural stone for the floor. It is going to cost you a lot since stone flooring is one of the most expensive materials. But not only it will create a beautiful and artistic flair, the stone floor itself is pretty safe, especially for high traffic.
  • You can paint the wall in terracotta but add patterns or textures on it. If you have extra money, you can add wall tiles in terracotta, especially if your kitchen is pretty humid. But if you are limited on the budgets, be creative with brushes and sponges – they are great to help you create unique patterns on the wall.

Keep in mind that the terracotta can also be used on the floor. It will even deliver greater flexibility. Brick walls with terracotta floor are super stylish. But then again, terracotta can be implemented on the wall and floor. Now that you know how to design kitchen wall with terracotta, the choice is yours.


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