red wall tiles
red wall tiles

How To Décor Kitchen with Red and Spice Up the Whole Room

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If you are thinking about which predominant color you should choose for your kitchen, consider red. Ranging from rust to candy apple, red is basically a perfect hue for it has the ability to fuel appetite, incite conversation as well as brighten up a work space. This collection of stylish red cooking space designs help you how to décor kitchen with red by incorporating this warm color flawlessly and thus able to spice up the room.


red wall tiles
red wall tiles

First thing everyone should know about how to décor kitchen with red is that red should always be used in moderation. Walls can easily be the focal point in any room especially if they are adorned with eye-catching frames, wallpapers, decorations, or accents. Consider red wall tiles or a dramatic accent wall with red paint because both will make impressive statement that enliven your kitchen. If you want to create a welcoming and warmth atmosphere then combine neutral-colored ceilings, cabinets or floors with red accents. Simply having the entire wall red is enough to amplify warmth feeling without overdoing it. On the other hand, an accent wall can be an ideal anchor and center your contemporary, open cooking spot.


Make sure you know which color goes best with red, you cannot just randomly pair up any color with red just because it’s your favorite color because it might clash poorly and your kitchen will end up becoming a sore sight to behold. Some of the best combinations are red and white, black and red. This includes putting only some red and black kitchen décor. Combining red accents with white or black color scheme will give your kitchen a retro vibe to it. Burgundy tones, muted maroon or farmhouse red will create a sophisticated look if balanced with cheerful fabric and deep chrome. Glamorous and splashy red countertops can be calmed down with gray cabinets.


If you decide to have red floor instead, remember not to have another red on large surface including countertops, furniture, walls and even appliances. However, you can have several red accents like kettle, canisters and patterned fabric for the windows, placemats and chairs. Red tiles on the floor can help you achieve a noticeable and striking effect doesn’t matter if you go for the flaming red hue of a fire engine or orangey-red tones of terracotta.

Fixture and Furniture

Black cabinetry and red counters for kitchen
Black cabinetry and red counters for kitchen

Black cabinetry and island combined with red counters will create a stunning industrial look especially if it’s complemented with stainless steel appliances and metallic materials. Another way to accomplish a modern look is by having cherry-red lacquer cabinetry with gray concrete countertops as well as floorings. The reflective surface will be able to bounce light quite strikingly. Red appliances, flower pots and racks will also look attention-grabbing with gray, white or black color tones. Whatever red elements you have in your kitchen, it should coordinate with the rest of non-red aspects in the room because you will instantly harmonize a modern interior if the entire kitchen design matches one another. Make sure you go for copper fixtures and bronze hardware if you don’t want to mess the refined rhythm of a deep red kitchen.

One last method how to décor kitchen with red to remember is that you should stick to the 60-30-10 rule (60% of the dominant color which is red in this case and 30% and 10% for secondary colors).



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