Small Pantry with undershelf basket,
Small Pantry with undershelf basket,

How to Decor a Small Pantry to Look Spacious

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Do you know the proper way of how to decor a small pantry to look spacious? One of the biggest problems of modern kitchen management and layout is to arrange the pantry. Due to the busy schedule and hectic activities, managing the pantry is probably the last thing in your mind. But no worry; there are actually some simple ways that you can do to manage a better pantry. As the bonus, you can have a neater and better-managed space – not to mention that it looks super stylish too.

Things to Start

 Small Pantry with  undershelf basket,
Small Pantry with undershelf basket,

So, how to decor a small pantry to look spacious for a start?

  • First of all, you need to take a look at your pantry and have an honest review of the condition. What are the things you want to take out? What are the things that are crucial for you? Do you have any expired items or products that you should remove?
  • Review the items in the pantry. How spacious the cabinet is? What about the drawers? How much wall space remaining? Those are the things that can be included within your storage arrangement plan.
  • Make use of the space behind the door. Most homeowners forget about the empty space behind the door. If you want to make the best use of the space, consider this area. You are free to have wire racks or hooks. Hooks can be used to hang the kitchen utensils. Wire racks, on the other hand, can be used to store jars and containers, such as oils, spices, and also condiments.
  • Use the undershelf basket. When you store something inside a cabinet, you only use the bottom side – but you completely forget about the upper area. With the undershelf basket, you can add the storage space and make use of the upper area. You can store all kinds of stuff there, including ingredients and others.
  • Make use of the countertop and the spice storage. Most homeowners like to store their spices inside the cupboard. But in the event that your cupboard has a limited space, why not displaying them altogether? There are various items to use, such as spice storage or stamp holder.

Another alternative on how to decor a small pantry to look spacious is to use the plate rack, which has the same concept and principle as the undershelf basket. Don’t forget that you can also use food containers that can be stacked smartly and neatly. It will definitely be handy for the space – as well as making your pantry look bigger and more stylish.

Other Options

In the event that you want to have a completely neat pantry, try to store the items by category. You can divide them based on grains, snacks, breakfast, or baking categories. Or you can try other methods that more suitable to your needs or preference.

Small Pantry with organizing
Small Pantry with organizing

Another smart thing to do is to use clear container so you can see right through it. Finding the things you want will be easier. As you can see, these things on how to decor a small pantry to look spacious are applicable and easily done, as long as you dedicate the time.

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