Stainless Steel Dish Drainer
Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

How To Clean Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

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Did you know that love-hating feeling often comes up about the dish rack? Yap, it is true. We love it when we see it is clean and shiny, however, we hate it much when it looks so dirty. The dish rack requires a frequent cleaning, especially the stainless steel dish drainer.

The existence of the clean stainless steel dish drainer has a great influence to encourage you to go the kitchen and cook the favorite meals. That’s why, keep the dish drainer clean seems a must-do thing that you can’t avoid in the kitchen. It becomes a compulsory thing to do every time you finish cooking.

Nevertheless, I personally think that cleaning the dish drainer too often also bring unpleasant feeling as you will be bored or exhausted. In this case, you need to know the tips how to clean your stainless steel dish drainer correctly. Thus, this time you will be given the tips

Regular Cleaning

how to clean Stainless Steel Dish Drainer
how to clean Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

To carry out regular cleaning, you need dish liquid, a sink, a scrub brush, a clean towel and white vinegar. White vinegar is optional. You may use it or not. The steps to clean the your dish drainer are:

  1. Tae the dish drainer apart and remove the tray if it is possible.
  2. Wash each piece in the sink separately.
  3. Clean the dish drainer well.
  4. To have extra cleaning, you may use white vinegar. Submerge the dish drainer with the water iin the sink. Give out some drops of vinegar into the water and let the dish drainer get rinsing.
  5. Dry the dish drainer and clean it using a new clean kitchen towel. Use aper towel to take out the deposit that may be left.

Removing Mildew

ways to clean Stainless Steel Dish Drainer
ways to clean Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

To remove the mildew on your stainless steel dish drainer, you will need water, bleach, sink or tub, old toothbrush and soft cloth or sponge. The procedures to do this type of cleaning are:

  1. Prepare the bleach .Fill the sink with enough water to submerge the dish drainer.
  2. Add ¼ cup bleach you have prepared.
  3. Place the dish drainer into the water mixed with the bleach and let it soak for 20 minutes or more.
  4. Use the soft cloth or sponge to wipe the remaining mildew. Do this gently.
  5. If there is any mildew left in the corner, use the old toothbrush.
  6. When the dish drainer is clean completely, take it out of the water and rinse it thoroughly usng the clean water.
  7. Let it dry.

Removing Limescale

If you see the hard water becomes a white hazy residue, it is called a limescale or mineral deposits. Give out about some drops of white vinegar or other liquid mixed with the water and let it for 15 minutes. Clean the limescale may be very difficult, thus, you may use sharp knives to pry up the limescale. Rinse with clean water after you complete the process.


Out of the procedures of how to clean stainless steel dish drainer, it is concluded that rinsing the dish drainer is pretty easy if you follow the instruction well. Now that you have enough information of how to clean your dish drainer, I am sure you will be able to clean your dish drainer more often.


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