Coffee Maker regular cleansing
Coffee Maker regular cleansing

How To Clean Cuisinart Coffee Maker

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Don’t go thinking that using the most flexible Cuisinart coffee maker can that flexible without thinking how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker. However, don’t take this hard. The cleaning process of Cuisinart coffee maker can best flexible if you know the right way.

All of the kitchen appliances including coffee maker needs regular cleansing due to the fact that the appliance use water which causing the remains of mineral deposits. Moreover, if you own hard tap water, this case can be extremely true.

There are typically two types of how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker as there are so many different types of Cuisinart coffee maker. Aside from the types of coffee maker, you should be sure that you can modify the steps of cleansing to fit the size of your coffee maker in any settings.

Regular Cleansing

Coffee Maker regular cleansing
Coffee Maker regular cleansing

If you want to have a good cleansing toward your coffee maker, you must actually descale the Cuisinart coffee maker every single month. The descaling process cause you unable to see the flashing light that function to alert you to clean and descale your coffee maker again. Follow these steps below to get a good result of cleaning.

  • Turn the unit of your coffee maker off and remove plug from the outlet.
  • Wash the filter basket, carafe, and lid in warm water. Previously, you need to make the water to be soapy to rinse thoroughly. Clean the upper rack of the dishwasher.
  • Dry after you wash by wiping the area under the filter basket with the soft cloth.

NOTE: never put any water into your coffee maker once you remove the filter basket.

  • Clean the base using the soft damp cloth.

After the procedures of how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker are done, you must decalcify the unit if the a flashing clean light alarm you. Fill the water into the capacity with one third of white vinegar and two third cup of water. Press the clean button. When the lights are on, you must turn on the coffee maker too. The five beeps sound indicate that you finish with the cleansing. Turn off the unit and you can repeat the cleansing process if you need to.

Self-Clean Button

self-clean button
self-clean button

The second type or way of how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker is self-clean button which is best described as follows:

  • Remove the charcoal water
  • Prepare another new charcoal filter in the cold water
  • Fill carafe with the distilled vinegar
  • Add a combination to water reservoir and set the carafe in the right position to make coffee.
  • New coffee filter is needed to add soon.
  • The lid of the reservoir must be closed
  • Press the button entitled “self-clean”
  • Turn on the coffee maker and discard the filter.
  • Let the carafe get cool to set the temperature.
  • Clean with fresh water and fill the water reservoir.
  • As the last, you need to install the new charcoal water filter.


Conclusively, over the two types of cleansing, it won’t be that difficult as you are thinking. Personally I recommend you to read the cleansing instruction of how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker well I order to get the best result.


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