how to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker
how to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

How To Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker Safely And Easily

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Don’t go thinking that possessing coffee maker is free from thinking of how to clean a bunn coffee maker, too. It is a must that you must understand more not only about how to use it but also about how to clean it. Since cleaning matter is an important thing due to the sterilization of the coffee maker regularly, you need to know the exact procedure based on the information given in the instruction paper or you might find it yourself like I am going to share on this page.

There are actually two ways of cleaning the coffee maker. Those are the routine cleaning and the hard water cleaning. Routine cleaning is suggested to done weekly, while the hard water cleaning is done once in three months. For more explanation of how to clean a bunn coffee maker by the two ways, check out the following run down for you.

Routine Cleaning

Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker
Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

You can be able to carry out the routine cleaning on a weekly basis using a damp cloth after you unplug it and let it cool. The next steps of how to clean a bunn coffee maker are as follows:

  • Place the spray head on the bottom line above top of the machine.
  • Unscrew the spray head out of the machine. Set it in the visible place in which you will not forget where you have put it.
  • After removing the spray head, insert the probe of the coffee maker’s hole.
  • Move up and down the probe around five to six times to remove the deposits.
  • Test the spray head in order to verify whether or not the hole is free. If not, you have to insert the small end of the toothpick into the holes to remove the deposits. Do this carefully.
  • Pour cool water over the spray head if there is no more deposits.

Hard Water Cleaning

how to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker
how to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

It seems that the hard water cleaning is more effective of how to clean a bunn coffee maker. It is true or not you can check it out in the detail steps of hard water cleaning below:

  • Unplug the bunn coffee maker as the first step.
  • Check the brew funnel in the machine and place the decanter in the machine like you are going to make coffee.
  • Add 1 quart of vinegar which has been distilled on the top of the brewer.
  • Empty the decanter if you see the vinegar stops flowing.
  • Plug back the machine of coffee maker and let it on for two hours.
  • Unplug the machine for twice.
  • Pour 1 quart of cold water into the machine. Empty the decanter if the water stops flowing and set the decanter aside.
  • Unscrew the spray head.
  • Empty the residue of the fluid.
  • Add 5-7 quarts of water in the machine along with the decanter and the brew funnel.
  • Test by smelling the water. If you still smell the vinegar, you must continue the cleaning until there is no more vinegar smelling.


Out of the two ways of cleaning, you might practice one of how to clean a bunn coffee maker which best suit your ability to make it. Have a nice try and have a nice cleansing finally I could say.

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