kitchen pantry storage cabinet
kitchen pantry storage cabinet

5 Tips How To Choose And Organize Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet

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The idea of kitchen pantry storage cabinet comes along with the willingness of people who wants to organize their kitchen to look good, nice, and have storage to accommodate things or other kitchen stuff orderly. As times goes by, there will always be a large number of goods which you buy from the stores and you bring them all home. Imagine how you could organize them all especially when you have only limited space.

Considering the case above, kitchen pantry storage cabinet comes as the solution both for limited kitchen problem and for the neat kitchen which most people want to have. These brief tips below will inspire you how to organize all of the stuffs in a good order. Check them out one by one:

Match the Kitchen Space

kitchen pantry storage cabinet
kitchen pantry storage cabinet

The first thing you have to consider about having the kitchen pantry storage cabinet is the kitchen space. If you have more space in the kitchen, you can have the bigger cabinet, meanwhile, if you have only little space in your kitchen then you can only buy the smaller cabinet, too. To make sure and determine the exact size of the cabinet, you can measure the height and width of the space available in your kitchen. Afterwards, you can match your space measurement with the cabinet measurement.

Consider the Size of The Cabinet

kitchen pantry storage cabinet size
kitchen pantry storage cabinet size

After matching the kitchen space, the second thing you must see on your to-do-list is the size of the cabinet. Perhaps, you need the wider or taller storage cabinet which matches your kitchen space. Or you need the cabinet just to completely furnish your kitchen, well, the size might not be a problem.

The Storage Bonus of The Cabinet

Just right after you have known the kitchen space and the size of the cabinet you are going to purchase, you must also consider the storage bonus. When you come to the store, you may search some kitchen pantry storage cabinets which give extra storage inside. Extra storage or storage bonus of the cabinets are usually located in the corner of the cabinet where you can still keep in some things right there. This is a plus point you must know.

Categorize the Stuffs

how to categorize kitchen pantry storage
how to categorize kitchen pantry storage

Now that the cabinet is ready in your kitchen, another must-do is to categorize the stuffs or other things. Categorize them into seasoning, food stuffs, cookware, kitchenware and etc. For the seasoning and food stuffs you can make them nice by placing them in the jars or cans. So that, you can organize the jars and cans in the same line.

Locate the Cabinet in the Reachable Zone

Don’t forget to locate the kitchen pantry storage cabinet in the reachable zone. In this case, it will be easy for you to reach and to take the stuffs anytime you need it. Thus, the location of the cabinet is also taken into consideration.


Overall, it is clear that organizing the stuffs or other things dealing with the kitchen necessity is a good idea along with the kitchen pantry storage cabinets. There will be no problem related to the stuffs arrangements as long as you find these tips.


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