How to become an interior designer

How To Become an Interior Designer





So many of you have been asking me: how can i become an interior designer? What skills do i need and many more dabs that are stopping you from starting your interior design journey?

For this reason, in this article i’ll be sharing with you, what you need to become an interior designer, what an interior designer actually does and some advice to become a competitive one also stay tuned, because i have a big announcement.

Hi guys welcome back to our blog. In case you’re, new here welcome i’m Max, architect, interior and lighting designer founder of designers. In this article we talk about design.

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first, it is vital for you to understand the difference between an interior, decorator, interior designer and architect. These careers are often confused. I want to explain to you what is the difference between these disciplines to help those who are going through the same doubts?

This way you can identify which one is really made for you, although these disciplines have a very similar base and complement each other, each one works on a different project. Scale architecture is defined as the art of designing planning and constructing buildings or structures that are useful for human beings.


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The architect manages the internal dimensions of the room, how the spaces interact and articulate with each other. They design the building structure and must also ensure the good relationship of the building, with other external components such as surrounding buildings, geography, the behavior of natural light and the climate, sanitary and electrical installation among others.

The architect must also know about engineering and construction. They are responsible for drawing up the detail, plans for a structure and developing final construction plans. The architect also designs interior spaces, but on a more general scale than an interior designer, as its name implies.

The decorator is in charge of that creating the space interior decorators.


Interior Decorator vs Architect


Don’t create interior spaces, they embellish interior spaces that already exist. They choose and place furniture paint walls pick and combine fabrics, select decorative accessories. That will be part of it.

The creator uses their creativity to add a static value to the interior’s final. Look, an interior decorator. Doesn’t need any formal education to do these tasks.

On the other hand, the interior designer must go beyond the aesthetic aspects. They must make interior spaces beautiful, but, most importantly, it must be functional and safe. By determining the space’s requirements, interior design is considered to be between an architect and that creator.

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional living spaces within a building to satisfy those demands and make the individual’s life more enjoyable.

To achieve this, interior designers must follow a systematic methodology, including research analysis and a creative process to satisfy the client’s needs. Some of the primary responsibilities of interior designers are meeting with their clients and visiting the space to research and analyze is space planning by determining people’s behavior and needs set.

The mood and vibe of the interior space, selecting the best material for a project such as wall coverings, flooring and so on, and they must be able to provide the project documentation. Now, let’s talk about five fundamental things that you need to know to become an interior design expert.

But before i talk more in depth of what an interior designer does i’d like to announce something that i’ve been working on for over a year to all of you that have asked me a lot for formal interior design course. Finally, i want to officially introduce the interior design master class.

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Learning how to work with real clients and how to develop a project step-by-step, using a proof methodology and so much more. You won’t just learn how to become a pro in interior design, but i’ll also show you how to monetize your passion and make a living from it. All.

These has been developed in 12 modules with almost 100 lessons it’s strategically distributed for easy understanding, accompanied by additional material like guides templates for mood boards project presentation, material boards, worksheets. Among many other things created by me. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner with no interiors and knowledge, or if you have several years of experience in this area this course is for everyone.

Best of all is that you can take the classes from whenever and wherever you want. If you have the passion and want to become an expert that is more than enough to enroll in my master class, i will accompany you every step of the way giving you the support. You need to build your own path of becoming an interior design expert.

If you feel like it’s time to follow your passion and take your first step, be it designing your own home or enhancing your interior design career, i would love to help you with this learning process. I am very excited to receive you in my virtual classroom and to start this journey with you go now to the

If you want more information about it and enroll, i will leave the link below with that being said, let’s begin with the five main things you need to know to be an interior designer, go beyond the aesthetics, as i said before, the interior designer Must go beyond the aesthetic aspects.

The interior designer must be prepared to know how to select materials not only for their aesthetic condition. They must have the ability to choose, depending on the space, for example, if the material slips, if it’s suitable, if it’s convenient to use under certain climatic conditions and so on.

Also interior designers must astute people’s behavior and how they react to external stimuli such as colors textures coatings scale, proportions sliding, among other factors in order to use it to create a unique space for the individuals.

A space planning interior designer must also be able to do a space planning, which is a fundamental part of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used by the individuals to carry out these tasks. The interior designer must know standard measurements and ergonomics, such as the minimum dimensions of corridors, the height of the countertop and ceilings, circulation, space and so on.

Also, accessibility and functionality of each space is critical when creating and designing a project documentation. Interior designer must prepare the documentation required to bring his project to reality and present it to his client and those who will be in charge of the construction.

The documentation must specify the details on all aspects such as interior, elevations ceiling design, electrical plan finishes furnishings details and other drawings. Depending on how complex the project is express your ideas as an interior design expert, you must know how to handle tools that allow you to express your ideas, show projects to your clients and carry out the necessary documentation for this, including the creation of mood boards material Boards floor plans 3d visualization, the layout of the proposals, among others, as an interior designer, you have to find the right technique to express yourself efficiently.

The more information you provide through visual communication, the better and more accurate others can understand your design and project. The good news is that nowadays, there are very useful and easy to use applications that you can even use from an ipad artistic knowledge.

Aside from the skills mentioned in order to become a successful interior, designer, a person needs to be creative artistic and have a passion for this field. Since this is an artistic discipline, an interior design expert must know about art how design styles arise, their history and what elements characterize each one.

This guarantees that the designer knows how to work the visual language of their project and give it an artistic meaning. Likewise, it must also follow a design methodology, a creative process that starts from research and development of the first conceptual idea of the project to the expression of these ideas through drawings, visualizations mood boards and others.

This knowledge and the use of an adequate methodology give the space soul and meaning a crucial thing in all artistic disciplines. In my case, i decided to study architecture as a main career. Since i was passionate about interior design.

I complemented my study with interior design courses and later i did a masters in lighting design. This way, i can be part of each stage of a project from its conception to the last decorative detail. However, unlike architecture being an interior designer doesn’t require certification in most countries, making it a much more versatile and open career for everyone.

But this will depend on the type of project it will depend on its complexion or if it’s a commercial project in these cases, you will need a certification and formal training. Presidential projects that don’t require modifying the building’s structure can be done without certification.

Still it is important to do your research of your country’s requirements, because this may vary depending on your location. I hope this video has served as an inspiration and guide to make your decision. Interior design is a beautiful career. I love it because the design can radically change an individual’s life and i love being part of that change.

It is a career made for creative people, with the sensitivity and intelligence to seek solutions where beauty and function coexist. Remember that if you want more information, go now to the, thanks for reading, have a beautiful week. See you in the next one you..



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