how to cook baked potatoes in microwave
how to cook baked potatoes in microwave

How Long To Perfectly Microwave A Potato

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Potatoes are a great source of food and they can be relied one should you ever find yourself strapped for time. With the help of a microwave, you can make yourself mashed potatoes, jacket potatoes or even roasted potatoes! If you’re not sure the exact time you should leave potatoes in the oven, here’s the answer to your “how long to microwave a potato” queries!

Baked Potatoes

how to cook baked potatoes in microwave
how to cook baked potatoes in microwave

If you want to achieve a perfect cooking result where your baked potatoes are tender and so fluffy, not to mention steamy and delicious, all you need is 10 minutes of your day. To make these, first you need to scrub the potatoes and poke each of them up to six times with a fork. Do it several times on every side and place them onto the microwave plate directly.

Note that the time is actually subject to the size and the number of the potato serving. Two medium-sized potatoes should start out with ten minutes of microwave time. You need to start with 15 minutes of time for four potatoes. If you only have one, just start with five or six minutes.

Grab a towel when the time is up and squeeze the sides of the potato gently. Your potato should be ready to eat if it gives without resistance and starts to open up. Should it seem a bit firm, you need to put it back for another minute at a time until it gets tender. If the potatoes are in various sizes, separate the tender ones and continue cooking the one that is still firm.

You can never go wrong with pairing up potatoes with many kinds of dinners.

Mashed Potatoes

how to cook mashed potatoes in microwave
how to cook mashed potatoes in microwave

Mashed potatoes are just as a perfect option as baked ones as delicious choice of side to an array of dishes. But how long to microwave a mashed potato? It takes only 10 minutes as well to serve mashed potatoes. You’ll need about four spuds of a regular size potato and place them in a microwavable dish (oven should be on full power). Refrain from piercing or scoring them beforehand for this can actually help the potatoes to steam from the fluids inside that will result in that soft mash texture.

Place the spuds in a bowl once they are ready before adding a tablespoon of cream or a knob of butter. Then, simply mix them together with a masher or a fork

Roasted Potatoes

how to cook Roasted Potatoes in microwave

The basis of any Sunday roast is, indisputably the roasted spud. To do this, first prep the potatoes (four should do the trick) with the usual wash routine before chopping them up into small thumb-size chunks or cubes. Then, splash a good two tablespoon of olive oil over the potatoes along with your favourite seasoning and of course salt and pepper on top. Note that you should cover the cling film leaving a little breathing space before placing the spuds in the oven for ten minutes. Such technique will allow the insides of your potatoes to steam and soften while simultaneously heating the oil where it will crisp up the exterior of the spuds.

Surprisingly, all of your ‘how long to microwave a potato’ conundrums only take 10 minutes of your life for every variant of potato dish!

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