How Long To Microwave A Sweet Potato and Achieve The Perfect Texture

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If you are crunched on time but craving something fulfilling that can be ready quickly then all you need is a sweet potato and a microwave. While using an oven that requires 30 minute cooking time simply won’t do for your rumbling stomach, then you need to know how to make and how long to microwave a sweet potato in order to achieve that soft texture and sweet flavour.

How long to wait?

Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato

Thankfully, microwaving a sweet potato is easy and pretty quick. You will only need five minutes of your day to achieve the same caramelization and sweet taste that you would get from baking your spud in the oven. Even cooking on a very short time with different kitchen appliance will still make the sweet potato’s thin skin to puff to a crisp finish with pillowy flesh on the inside.

How to Microwave the Sweet Potato

Aside from knowing how long to microwave a sweet potato, you must get the simple prep itty-bits right. Do these steps before you start nuking your sweet potato on high power.

  • First thing first, you need to wash your sweet potatoes. Clean them under cool running water and use a produce scrubbing brush to scrub each of them. Make sure all of them are cleaned thoroughly. Then, use a paper towel to pat the spuds dry. This first step is especially important if you love eating the skin of the sweet potato
  • Use a fork to pierce the skin. Do this about six to eight times on each side and all around. Don’t skip this step or else the spud will explode in the microwave. When sweet potatoes are inside the microwave, they will warm up quickly and steam gathers in-between the skin and fleshy inside. Poking holes in the skin allows steam to escape and thus preventing them from blowing up. Note that, you don’t need to stab the spuds deeply with the fork because you only need to open tiny holes in the skin. Cutting a shallow “X” is another great alternative. Do this on the top of the spud with a knife.
  • After making small holes, use a full-sized paper towel to wrap the spuds. Don’t forget to dampen the towel with cold water beforehand. Squeeze out the excess water gently while simultaneously making sure you don’t rip it out. Then, lay the towel flat on top of a microwave-safe plate and put the sweet potato in the centre. Fold the sides loosely over the potato. The towel will keep the spud moist and prevent it from shrinking. Additionally, wrapping it with a dampened towel will result in softer skin. Note that you should never use aluminium foil because it will lead to sparking. Not only will this break your microwave but it’s also a downright potential fire hazard!
  • Place the plate inside the compartment and choose a cooking time. Note that cooking time actually varies for it depends on the size of the spud and the power of the microwave. Try setting a 5 minute cooking time first. Most medium to huge spuds usually take 8 to 12 minute cooking time at full power. If the potato feels like it’s not fully cooked, add one more minute cooking time.

Now that you know how long to microwave a sweet potato, there really is not much of an art to the process, is there?

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