Home Decor Tips & Ideas on how to combine colors
how to combine colors

INTERIOR DESIGN COLOR COMBINATION | Home Decor Tips & Ideas on how to combine colors



Home Decor Tips & Ideas on how to combine colors


Why are colors so important in your life? Why is it crucial to create a perfect color scheme for our space? It’s because color is a form of nonverbal communication that can radically affect our mood and emotions when you walk into any space the way your eye translates. Color and color combinations can affect how you interpret the style, mood and overall comfort level of the space. In fact, one of the most asked questions that we see if is about how to combine colors.

Actually, we are constantly combining colors when Salette in our outfit or when we are buying a cushion to match in our living room all the time for every single detail. We are mixing and matching colors. It’s true that a color theory exists to meet a process on how to combine colors easier. Actually, it’s a primary design lesson and I think it serves a lot for your daily life as well.

In this article, I want to share with you how to combine colors and how to use the color wheel to create the perfect color scheme. I will provide you some tips and ideas on how to incorporate color combinations into your space. Hi guys welcome back to designer Max the architect and interior designer founder of designers. If you are new here and you love everything about design, I am inviting you to subscribe to join our design community and to turn on the notification spell.

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So you don’t miss out on our next articles. Color theory is the science about how we interpret the colors we see in the world and how we respond to specific color combinations and proportions. Color theory starts with a color wheel. Let’s fill out our color wheel together. Primary colors, red, blue and yellow they are the building blocks of all other colors on the wheel. They cannot be made from mixing other colors secondary colors are the ones that can be created by mixing two primary colors.

These colors are orange, green and purple tertiary colors. The six shades that can be made from mixing primary and secondary colors. Now, let’s see the ways to use the color wheel for selecting a color scheme, you can create an analogous color scheme which uses three or more colors that sit next to one another. On the color wheel since you’re using three colors in this one proportion is important to make sure the spacefield balanced.

You may want to incorporate a 6310 rule to keep a good proportion between colors. Let’s try some combinations. Maybe you are the kind of person like me that prefers to have a neutral color palette for the overall look of the space, but you want to add a pop of color into the room. If that’s the case, you can apply the analogous color scheme into your accent, elements and accessories as well.

Another way to use the color wheel is via selecting complimentary colors when it comes to color schemes. Complementary is the simplest. That’s because this color is can only involve two shades. It uses two colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. Typically, one color acts as the dominant chain and the other as an accent. This color perience are extremely high contrast. So you need to be careful on how to use it because they bring a strong energy into the space. So it’s a good idea to be used in small doses. You should think of then ask your accent, colors and use plenty of neutrals to balance them out and provide a place for the eye to wrist.

Also, like the analogous color scheme, you can add a pop of color into a neutral general space, apply in two contrasting colors into your accent, elements and accessories as well. Before continuing, I want to inform you that I left a link in the description box below with a guy and more detail information and how to combine colors. I prepare it especially for you this way when you are in the middle of selecting a color palette, you can quickly verify and confirm what you have selected monochromatic color scheme uses teens tones and shades within the same hue or color family, but what our teens tones And shades well, adding white to a pure color creates things adding black and white to a pure color creates pawns.

Of course, adding black to a color creates shades. Monochromatic color skins are derived from single base you and extended, using its shades tones and tints unity is one of the benefits of using a monochromatic color scheme, but on the other hand, this color scheme has the risk of making the room feel boring so the most Attractive way to complete your color scheme is with texture and print to add movement into the space. It’s also important to add some natural texture or metals to what dimension to the space.



However, since interior design is not rigid, you can mix and match different color schemes in the same space. For example, you can have your walls, furniture flooring and the general elements of the space in black gray and white, which is a monochromatic option and combine it with a contrasting color scheme for your accessories like peering, a blue ottoman with or institutions vases or other kind Of accessories, some important extra tips at the time of adding colors into the space, our five rooms, together with accents accent, colors, can change from room to room, but contry Nguyen one consistent color throughout the home, helped to connect the different spaces. Its purpose is to move the eyes around the different rooms and to associate each one to another using the same color in some details, helping you balance and unify these spaces.

Another simple way to create a cohesive feel is to use a consistent paint color on the walls, especially in homes that have an open space concept. Add color prints to add texture and shades into the space and pair it with solid colors. Following the color scheme rules to get a perfect combination guys if you want to learn more about colors, especially on how to select the perfect color for any space, depending on the mood you want to create.

Read my articles right here in this blog I talked about lighting, one colors, cool, colors and other concepts to select colors like a professional thanks for reading.

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