Fridge and Grill
Fridge and Grill

High-End Outdoor Kitchen Ideas On The Budget

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Outdoor kitchens are fascinating and make every cooking activity enjoyable especially when you are accompanied by light breeze and the refreshing air on sunny days. You don’t have to shell out serous amount of money to have your own dream outside kitchen. Peep our secrets how to get outdoor kitchen ideas on the budget below.

Perfect Functionality with Fridge and Grill

Fridge and Grill
Fridge and Grill

In most cases, people realize that they only need a grill and a fridge to create a fully functioning outside/backyard kitchen. This is an ideal outdoor kitchen ideas on the budget for the regular entertainer where having barbecue equipment and a fridge to grab a cold drink are all they need. Take a look at a modern kitchen backyard by Z Freedman Landscape Design that’s intended for a bachelor living in Venice, CA. Of course you still can opt to include more serving place like countertops and other grilling necessities and a trash can too for cleanup convenience. The kitchen appliances mostly depend on what you want to cook outside.

Fitting Countertop

Make sure you do not skimp on counter space when designing your outdoor kitchen. One way you can go is by having counter spaces in between a grill spot. An example of this is an outdoor kitchen installed by Quality Living Landscapes in San Marcos, California. You can set a platter of food that you will cook on the left while you can prepare the food ready to be served on the right. Be especially careful with the size of counter space. Make sure you have enough space there to set several serving bowls and platters.

Smart Spot for a Friendly Output

Outdoor fitted countertop
Outdoor fitted countertop

Most people often look for a small and often secluded spot in the yard for their outside kitchens. Be especially mindful when picking your cooking spot. Follow DC West Construction’s guidance in Carlsbad, CA for this one by placing your grill on the side of your house. Then, install a nice raised bar near it with a few bar stools. Go for a design that matches the grill area and definitely can make a statement. This bar can serve two purposes: a nice spot for others to gather and see the cooking process and a convenient place to socialize.

Rooftop Grilling

Outdoor rooftop grilling

Outdoor kitchen doesn’t always have to be in your backyard. A rooftop grilling spot is the perfect choice if you happen to live in an apartment in a large metropolitan area. Opt for a charcoal grill to anchor the space and include a beverage station as well. Make everything possible in only one workspace with an insulated bin and a slide-away cutting board. Install a track or an overhead lighting too so you still can enjoy your outside cooking spot at night with your friends or family. Opt for a metallic countertop so it staves off weathering.

All of these outdoor kitchen ideas on the budget will not make you spend a fortune to have a nice outdoor cooking spot for evening entertainment with friends and family. Bottom line, an outdoor kitchen basically only requires a charcoal grill or a gas and a nearby spot or surface for counter space so you can set your foods.


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