I shaped kitchen layout

Good Design I Shaped Kitchen Layout

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Kitchen became one of the needs of a house, in the past, the role of the kitchen is just a place to cook or provide food, and place was behind. However, as the development of interior design, the kitchen began to change its function. The function of the kitchen today is not just a place to cook, but also can provide more value on the interior design of the house. In this modern era, the shape of the kitchen is also diverse, the kitchen can be in shape as good as possible with a style that suits the owner. The kitchen is divided into two types, namely clean kitchen and dirty kitchen. Especially for a clean kitchen is becoming a trend today, because it can increase the value of other interiors, if the kitchen design is good, it will make the other interior becomes more attractive, such as I shaped kitchen layout.

I shaped kitchen layout

Clean kitchen can be placed near the family room, or dining table, because it functions to put food that has been cooked. As for the dirty kitchen, serves to make the process of cooking, so that the location was behind. The shape of the kitchen is different and related to the amount of space available. Kitchen design can be a I shaped kitchen layout, U shape, corridor, or L shape. Whatever the model make sure the kitchen is able to accommodate cooking devices and of course, can make you comfortable while cooking. The most important factor and must be considered is the health and safety of your kitchen. A clean kitchen will make the occupants healthy. Therefore, you should pay attention to lighting, piping systems, and air settings. Just in case, provide fire extinguishers and trash cans.

Form L, This design is suitable if the location of the kitchen together with other rooms such as living room or dining room. Kitchen set with L shape wearing two sides of the wall. Refrigerators are often placed on the wider side, while the sinks are on the same side. For the stove is placed on the corner that to sink. U shape, this model is very efficient from the distance side preparing food. In this model the stove, kitchen sink, and refrigerator are located on different walls and offer a compact workflow triangle. Generally sinks are placed in the middle of the kitchen, the position of the sink opposite to the open location, such as facing the window. And for the stove is on the side facing the refrigerator. This model is perfect for a rectangular room. I shaped kitchen layout, this model has only one wall, while for position of sink, stove, and refrigerator in one straight line. For this model has only one wall, this form is widely used in small houses or limited area.

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