kitchen furniture design ideas

Get the Kitchen Furniture Design Ideas and Be Happy to Have Small Kitchen with Many items of Furniture!


Are you confused to have kitchen furniture design ideas with a small kitchen? With a minimalist land, then all rooms are completely minimalist, no exception to the kitchen space. Can you make a minimalist kitchen room with a lot of kitchen furniture? Of course, you can do it. Of course, by using various ideas to design your kitchen furniture. Then, how do you make the kitchen look simple even with a variety of furniture? Come on, consider the following ideas!

kitchen furniture design ideas

kitchen furniture design ideas


Idea 1

Do not let the minimal kitchen area makes you unable to create freely in the kitchen. Well, this is one of the kitchen furniture design ideas that can be an inspiration, because the cooking area only uses one side of the room. Great right? How to maximize it is by increasing the cupboards around the cooking area so that all the cooking utensils can be stored neatly. What about the kitchen table? No need to be too big, just provide a place for the stove, wash dishes, and to cut food. Rest? Make a closet.

Set the kitchen table only for the main purposes: stove, dishwasher, and a little area to cut food. Even if necessary, just one stove cooker. Because for those of you who are more often outside the home, of course, you don’t really need two stove stoves right? With a minimalist kitchen table, then you can maximize other areas to be made as a storage cupboard for your kitchen furniture. When not in use, place all knives, plates, spoons, pans, pans, etc. into the cupboard.

Idea 2

This one of small kitchen design ideas uses several strategies to anticipate the narrow area. The first is to place it next to a semi-transparent door. The door will be able to emit light from outside so that the kitchen area looks rather spacious. The second is to choose white for most of the furniture. The combination of incoming light with white makes this kitchen look not too narrow, but comfortable and pleasing to the eye. This kitchen model is also suitable for those of you who are not too fond of cooking, so do not need too many cabinets. Just make a shelf to store the herbs and a little furniture, and provide a small cupboard in some parts. Even the kitchen can still be sweetened by providing decorative plant pots and modest paintings.

Idea 3

One more magical kitchen, the kitchen in the cupboard. When you want to cook, open this cupboard, then inside there is a small kitchen table, complete with a stove and dishwasher, while in the vicinity you can find enough furniture and spices to make simple dishes. After cooking, clean the kitchen table, then close the “window” of the kitchen, then the kitchen will change into an ordinary cupboard.

So, is there one of those kitchen furniture design ideas that makes you interested?

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