Furniture Design for Small Kitchen Ideas and Layout

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Have you thought about the furniture design for small kitchen? Although you can always use the regular and standard kitchen furniture, some of them are designed especially for small kitchens. That’s being said, the furniture has compact and small dimension when compared to the regular one. Some of them even come with multifunctional use although the price may be a bit higher.

The Smart Arrangement

The biggest problem with the small kitchen is definitely about the limited space. That’s why you want to incorporate a compact design that should include the right furniture. For instance, an L shape kitchen cabinets and countertops will be ideal for the small kitchen because it makes use of the space on the corner. However, the design isn’t only limited to the L shape as you can also think about the galley model.

L shape kitchen cabinets and countertops
L shape kitchen cabinets and countertops

Is it possible to have a kitchen island in the small kitchen? Why not? Even with the limited space, you can always have the island, as long as you can make a smart arrangement for it. For instance, instead of being placed in the center of the room, why not having the island as a room boundary or as a dining table? With this way, you can maximize the function without compromising the space. Simply place several stools on it, and you have yourself a cozy spot for preparing the food, working, or even having social communication with your guests. This is one example of the furniture design for small kitchen

Other Ideas

What if you are looking for a place for the dining section? You know that diner cubicle when you can have the table and the adjoining desk? Why not incorporating the ideas into your personal space? You can place the cubicle on the corner or on the front side of the kitchen island. You can even make a combined kitchen island/dining table and also dining cubicle. Not only it adds up the function, it also makes your kitchen look different – in a fashionable way.

 table and the adjoining desk in the kichen
table and the adjoining desk in the kichen

If you have spare budgets, it doesn’t hurt to consider making a multifunctional furniture. A table that can be extended into a dining table with hidden storage within it for chairs can be a great option. Or a kitchen island that can also be extended into a dining spot is a good idea. Basically, there are so many great ideas for the layout and management of the kitchen, especially for the furniture design for small kitchen.

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