freestanding kitchen island, Freestanding Kitchen Island : Is It Worth it?
Freestanding Kitchen Island

Freestanding Kitchen Island : Is It Worth it?


Homeowners who don’t want to install a permanent kitchen island should go for freestanding or movable kitchen islands. Not only are they practical but also easy to relocate to accommodate your immediate needs. One perk of having a freestanding kitchen island is that you are provided with versatility and freedom that don’t come with fixed kitchen islands. Below we give you legit reasons why freestanding kitchen islands are superior to their counterpart.


freestanding kitchen island, Freestanding Kitchen Island : Is It Worth it?
Freestanding Kitchen Island

A freestanding kitchen island goes well in an open space design. It’s because you have complete freedom to use the island however you like and for any purposes. If you have a spacious kitchen then a portable island will benefit you a lot. Bottom line, a movable/freestanding kitchen island does not take up valuable floor space and thus allows for more flexibility. A freestanding island in a huge kitchen allows you to have a counter or prep space exactly where you need it. What’s more is that movable islands work well in a small kitchen too. They are easy to move around and relocate. They are multifunction furniture as well. Case in point, you can use your portable island as a serving cart or side table.

If you want to use your freestanding kitchen island to the fullest then consider adding wheels on it. Since they are easily movable you can have more than one islands and use them individually whenever you need or when you have guests coming over. Your open floor plan can benefit from a portable kitchen greatly. Your kitchen island can be converted into a bar as well or a nice extension to the dining table. Portable kitchen island with wheels is the crème de la crème of versatility. If you choose a sleek design with metal frame as well as thin and tall legs, you can use it practically anywhere in your house


freestanding kitchen island, Freestanding Kitchen Island : Is It Worth it?
About Freestanding Kitchen Island

Despite all those cons mentioned above, portable kitchen islands still have their downs. For one, this type of island is not exactly equipped to handle water inlet/discharge or electricity. That’s why, if your kitchen requires an extra washing zone or cooking source, a freestanding kitchen island might not be an ideal choice for you. Moreover, you cannot incorporate a hob, prep sink, an oven and a wine fridge in your freestanding kitchen island because the electrical supply and plumbing system have to be fixed to the wall or floor. You also need to be careful about the kind of stuff you want to store in the island. Freestanding kitchen islands usually come with open shelving underneath so you shouldn’t put any stuff that can break easily there. However, you can actually build a pot rack or open shelves yourself though so you can have extra storage.

Despite its cons, a freestanding kitchen island is an amazing furniture that you should consider having especially if it has wheels on it because it allows you to reconfigure any space easily. Remember that a freestanding kitchen island is ideal for both a compact and spacious kitchen so you can never go wrong with it.

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