kitchen renovation design ideas

3 Recommendations for Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas


Kitchen renovation design ideas – Renovating a bedroom, living room, or even kitchen in your home is a fun thing to do in your free time. Especially when it comes to the most important room in the house. Everyone will be agreed if there is a saying that the kitchen is the busiest place in the house. You can do many things in the kitchen, from making coffee in the morning until prepared a full meal for your family. The kitchen needs to be updated to keep the space fresh and ensure that everyone in the family is happy being in the kitchen. Sometimes, you need to look for small kitchen design ideas on the internet or architect tabloid. Here are some kitchen renovation design ideas you can use to make your kitchen much more stylish.

kitchen renovation design ideas

kitchen renovation design ideas

Give More Attention to New Flooring

Applying a new floor to your kitchen can give new life to the surrounding. Hardwood is the most eminent material for kitchen flooring. You can choose lots of variation and match it with the wall color and the kitchen furniture. The most ordinary material is thick planks of solid timber. This natural material is good at handling humidity and temperature changes. The best choice of hardwood floor would be walnut and oak. The quality, durability, pricing and physical appearance is the reason to choose these types of material.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelving furniture is identical to modern design. For kitchen renovation design ideas, adding open shelving can create a spacious kitchen. This furniture can change the vibes of your kitchen. You can modify and mix the cabinetry. You don’t have to change all of the cabinetry; you just need to add open shelves between windows and a fancy basket of boxes in the corner of the kitchen. These shelves can be used to display pottery, teacup, and some cookbooks. Displaying one color glassware can also give the best effect of light.

Put New Appliances 

Appliances are the instrument that has an important role in the kitchen. However, changing all the appliances into the new one will cost you a lot. You don’t have to update all the appliance; you just need to select the old one to be replaced such as your 20-year-old refrigerator. Choose not only the latest appliances but also find the one that makes your kitchen looks more beautiful. By using this kitchen renovation design ideas you can invest to improve your kitchen’s performance and efficiency.


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  1. Your suggestion of using open shelving was definitely one that caught my attention. Along with changing the way my kitchen looks, I’ve always wanted to have more storage in it since I rely on a lot of kitchen appliances nowadays. Getting open shelving can really help me store those appliances properly along with any ingredients I might have, so I’ll make it a priority when I find a kitchen renovation service that can help me.

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