wipe a table
wipe a table

Find Out 5 Easy Ways Of Cleaning Polyurethane Table

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Since the polyurethane finishes table is popularly used, you have to master the easy way of cleaning polyurethane table. Do you need to clean this type table regularly? The answer is definitely yes. It is due the reasons that polyurethane finishes table is more resistant to moisture and heat. Thus, you have to keep it clean to make it look good.

Due to the fact that this type of table is the one which is varnished by polyurethane, you have to know that in this case you are cleaning the finish, not the wood of the table. Therefore, you must use the proper cleaning product as well as the right procedure how to clean it.

Concerning how to clean the polyurethane table, this article is going to show you the 5 easy ways how to clean it simply and protect it well, too.

1st Step


The first step of Cleaning Polyurethane Table is to prepare what things you need to carry out the cleaning process. The preparation generally includes two separate clothes, warm water, clean water, white vinegar, microfiber cloth, sponge, and a bucket to mix the water and the vinegar.

Why do we suggest you use vinegar? Well, it is due to the fact vinegar is can break up the dirt without damaging especially when you have to remove grease or grime from the table. Vinegar is good for cleaning oil-based surface. Moreover, it is gentle. Thus, it is quite effective for cleansing.

2nd Step

wipe a table
wipe a table

The second step is to wet the cloth in the warm water to wipe the table. This time, add the white vinegar to the warm water ad make sure the cloth are wet completely along with the vinegar. Since vinegar is also a deodorizer, your table will smell fresh. Wipe the table completely.

3rd Step

Now we go to the 3rd step of Cleaning Polyurethane Table. In this case, you have to dust the table with the microfiber cloth. It is recommended not to use furniture oil or the polish because it can damage the polyurethane finish of the table.

furniture oil to polish
furniture oil to polish

If the table is terribly sticky because of the grease and grime, you have to mix the vinegar and the water and put it on the spray bottle. After wiping the table, spray the table and wipe it using the smooth cloth. Do this step until you are sure that you remove the grease or grime completely.

Meanwhile, when the polyurethane table is dirty by the stains, you can simply use the microfiber sponge and rub the stains away. Other stains such as crayon and permanent markers are easily removed in this way.

4th Step

The fourth step of Cleaning Polyurethane Table is to locate your table in moderate temperature area. It means that your table will be free from moisture so that you don’t have to clean it more often.

5th Step

dry the table in the sunlight

The fifth step is to keep your polyurethane table out of the direct sunlight to avoid the damage. Direct sunlight also causes the polyurethane coating fade away.


Overall, Cleaning Polyurethane Table is very simple to carry out. Make sure you have white vinegar and prepare water along with the other items needed. Follow all of the suggested steps and you will successfully do the cleansing.

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