kitchen that safe for kitchen
kitchen that safe for kitchen

Family Kitchen Design Tips for All Homeowners

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If you are a family oriented individual, you may want to know about these family kitchen design tips to create a stronger bonding quality with your loved ones. Planning a kitchen can’t be done just like that. You need to consider some aspects so you won’t make mistakes. More importantly, you won’t have to reconstruct your kitchen again in the next 2 years just to accommodate the changes. That’s why you need to consider the important things first.

Kitchen and Kids

The idea to design the family kitchen should be based on your condition. How many kids do you have? How old are they? Do they like being around the kitchen? Do they also enjoy cooking?

kitchen that safe for kitchen
kitchen that safe for kitchen

If you have several kids or toddlers and they really like hanging around the kitchen, then you should design your kitchen in the safest manner with the easiest features. For instance, the stove should come with a safety feature so your kids won’t be able to operate it on their own. Or they can have easy access to drawers or bottom cabinets where the safe cooking utensils are kept.

Naturally, if you have older kids, you will need to pay attention to the safety features – accessible first aid kids, etc. But the arrangements may be simpler and easier than when you are dealing with toddlers.

Another handy family kitchen design tips to consider is that your kitchen should be adjustable and adaptable. Doing the remodel should be done at least once in 10 years, and you want to have a design that is perfect for empty nester (for those whose kids are grown and ready to leave the house) and also for smaller kids.

The Handy Tips

accessible pantry for kids
accessible pantry for kids

So, what are the family kitchen design tips that you can consider?

  • Focus on surfaces and the cleaning features. If you have small kids, you want to have a greater wipeability. If you are rather low on the budgets, you may want to choose the laminate cover. The quartz are also the next alternative to consider. If you don’t have any kids around, natural stain can be a good option because it will increase the value of the house.
  • Manage the pantry. You want to have a kids-friendly pantry but not having too much access to it. It means that your pantry should be friendly and easily accessible for kids, but with supervision or with adults around. If they are alone, their access should be limited so they can’t sneak around whenever they want to get the snacks they want. It would be great if your pantry can consists of parent approved snacks or foods on the lower cabinets while the not-so-parent-approved can be placed higher – without any possibility for them to reach up.
  • Functional kitchen island. The kitchen island can be used for storage as well as for other activities, such as preparing dough or working on the homework. You should consider and plan the right kitchen island while incorporating the complete functionality.

There are still many other tips out there. It’s important that you don’t rush things and pay attention to these family kitchen design tips carefully.


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