Perfect Cabinet for Kitchen Sink
Perfect Cabinet for Kitchen Sink

Everything You Need for a Perfect Cabinet for Kitchen Sink

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One of the essential and vital parts of a kitchen is a sink. You wash your hands there, clean your veggie there, and that’s where all your dirty plates go. The water needs for kitchen necessity is streamed from the faucet attached to the sink. A kitchen without a sink won’t make a complete kitchen. Imagine this, after you have a big party, dirty dishes spread around but no sink at the kitchen! You’re apparently going to have the filthiest day ever.

Maybe if you’re the type of idgaf people, you’ll probably decide to be a little too creative and store those need-to-wash plates in your bathroom. But normally that is eww. So, a sink is necessarily important and essential as well compulsory in kitchen life. If that’s not enough emphasizing, let’s put it this way; a sink is the holy oasis of a kitchen, we get all the water from there! Alright, so we know that the existence of a sink is prominent, so how about the cabinet for kitchen sinks? That’s an equal priority.

You can’t get your sink just anywhere, can you? A perfect cabinet is a must for an ideal kitchen sink. But, what you know about it? While people often talk about the sink, cabinet albeit equally significant is often forgotten. However, what’s the use if you buy a sink that doesn’t fit on your cabinet? Zero use.

So here are three things you should know about cabinet for kitchen sinks before you go to home depot and choose a player.


Perfect Cabinet for Kitchen Sink
Perfect Cabinet for Kitchen Sink

The length and wide, the dimension, anything about the measurement of your sink is required. The depth from the surface down to the floor, it should be considered and noted before you install and choose a sink. The usual base cabinet usually has 36 to 42-inch height and 25 to 26-inch width and typically a 21-inch sink width will do fine with it.

How if your base cabinet isn’t 25 or 26-inch width? That’s why you need to first measure your base cabinet. The trick is simple if the numbers of your cabinet for the kitchen sink is known. Save some inch for your sink, that’s it. Three inches less is the secure size. Take an example, you reveal that your base cabinet is only 33 inches wide. Hence, the safe size your sink can’t wider than 30 inches and so on. If you already get the idea, here is the common sink size in store: 15, 21, 27, 30, 33, 45, and 57 inches.

Thus, if you’re planning to make your own cabinet base or buy one, the measurement is the first thing you should think through.

No Drawer

kitchen Cabinet without drawer
kitchen Cabinet without drawer

Absolutely no drawer, that’s the second must-know stuff about the base cabinet. Anyway, why would you want to have one with drawer just to be destroyed later? It’ll only trouble the installation of your sink. It’ll be highly inconvenienced to have a drawer in the way of plumbing. So if you decide to make a cabinet for the kitchen sink, remember clearly to have no drawer there.

If you see a drawer, you’ll need to change your mind. Although cabinet with a drawer looks fancy, it won’t be any sleek when the plumber makes a hole there. That’ll be bothersome instead. So, remember this ‘no drawer’ rule and you’re already on your way to have a perfect cabinet for your kitchen sink!


Kitchen cabinet with wood materials
Kitchen cabinet with wood materials

The material of your base cabinet will be the judge of its longevity. While wood is largely the main material of cabinet, the type of wood itself has a wide range of kinds. Cabinet nowadays, as well, is improved and is built by mixing some material bases. Yet, with so many choices, the main consideration you should think about the cabinet for the kitchen sink is regarding its strength and hardness against water and heavyweight.

So, the material base and the furnishing is prominent. You need to choose your material wisely to make your base sturdy enough to hold the sink and soon many dirty plates on it.

Thus, the three main things you need to know, you can safely choose the best base cabinet for your kitchen sink now! It’s not many requirements there, is it? Before you choose a new sink, make sure you get the cabinet prepared. Adios!

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