Equipment Requirements for a Restaurant Set Up

Minimum Equipment Requirements for a Restaurant Set Up


Equipment Requirements for a Restaurant

Hello and welcome to, my name is Max and I’m going to review for you, the minimum equipment, kitchen requirements for an equipment restaurant setup when trying to set up a restaurant. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to consider equipment.

That’s specifically tailored for the kind of restaurant and atmosphere you want to create, for instance, owners that plan on offering a full menu of alcoholic beverages with cold and hot food items may need to consider getting more elaborate equipment. Even if you’re, considering having a restaurant.

That will only serve cold menu items like sandwiches and salads for food safety and proper operation. You still need some high-quality basic equipment. One important item needed is washing equipment for a restaurant to work, properly hand and dish. Washing stations are mandatory and they’re, also generally required by local health departments.

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What’s great about industrial restaurant dishwashers is that they dispense dishwashing chemicals or liquid automatically and ensures that the water temperature is kept at a certain value. Throughout the day, these stations are very important for preventing the spread of foodborne bacteria and illness. Next, commercial ovens, open ranges and stoves. What kind of cooking appliance you need depends a lot on what you will be serving in your restaurant.

The size and type should be determined by your potential sales and needs other commercial appliances. You may want to consider our deep fryers heating stations, steam cabinets and steam tables. Another important item is prep tables. Prep tables usually made of stainless steel. Our typical kitchen equipment since prepping, poultry and other types of meat on nonmetallic surfaces is not sanitary.

These tables can be either attached to other equipment or simply freestanding based on the kitchens configuration when it comes to refrigeration. Let’s talk about freezers, refrigerators and ice machines. Freezers are vital for storing food and are available in all sizes and shapes walk-in, stand-up and chest.

Freezers are pretty common and are used by many restaurants regardless of size. You will also need to have one or more refrigerators to store food from regions with refrigerated drawers to full walk-ins. There are many types of refrigerators to choose from.

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You may also need an automatic ice machine, especially when it comes to restaurants, with cocktail offerings and full bars and last, but one of the most important requirements you need for your restaurant is safety. Equipment, federal and state law requires the use of safety equipment in all restaurants. Osha requires every restaurant owner to have first aid kits in the workplace and the kits need to contain aid for treating the different kinds of injuries that may occur in restaurant kitchens.

On top of that, fire extinguishers are also mandatory and each restaurant, depending on configuration and size needs to have an appropriate number of them. We hope you enjoyed this article describing the basic equipment Requirements for a Restaurant . You will need to start the setup of your restaurant. You can find all of these items plus much more by visiting us at


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