how to Microwave A Sweet Potato
how to Microwave A Sweet Potato

Easy Ways How to Microwave A Sweet Potato

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Did you know that you can utilise your oven to microwave a sweet potato? This heating unit can be very helpful when you have sweet potatoes at home and crave an instant dish. Microwaving a sweet potato is not rocket science either! And everyone can do it. Similar to baked sweet potatoes, the microwaved sweet spuds have great texture and taste as well. They are piping hot, sweet and soft. All you need is five minutes of your life to get it done! Below are the real simple methods how to microwave a sweet potato.


how to Microwave A Sweet Potato
how to Microwave A Sweet Potato

The only ingredients you’ll need are literally only sweet potatoes. First thing first, you need to clean the spud under running water with a pat dry and a produce scrubbing brush. Then, prick the sweet potato with a fork in order to create little holes (approximately three or four times). They function as a way out for steam to escape while the spud is cooking. Note that this is important to be done beforehand so that you can prevent your potato from exploding inside the microwave!

Then wrap it in a paper towel and put it in a microwave-safe plate inside the unit. Leave it be for five minutes. After that, you’ll need to let the potato to stand for two minutes for it will be really hot. In case the spud is not fork tender after the five minute cooking time, then leave it there for another 30 seconds. Then, simply remove the cooked sweet potato from the microwave and unwrap the towel.

Cut the spud in half and it’s ready to be served!

This instruction on how to microwave a sweet potato does not merely imply that you are allowed to microwave one sweet potato at a time. You can more and microwave them at the same time! Just remember that you need to add four minutes for each individual spud. For instance, you will take nine minutes if you want to cook two sweet potatoes, and consequently three spuds will take 13 minute cooking time.

Not only is microwaving a sweet potato cuts down cook time by 50 minutes, but it also helps maintain nutritional value. All cooking methods somehow result in the foods losing some of their nutrients. However, the faster the sweet potato cooks, the more nutrients it will preserve. Using a microwave to cook your sweet potato is better than boiling it for it helps maintain more nutrients such as Vitamins A and C as well as folate.


Microwaved Sweet Potato with apple sauce
Microwaved Sweet Potato with apple sauce

If you want to add a little toppings on your microwaved sweet potatoes and add a little more taste, you can try brown sugar, butter, apple sauce and maple syrup. All of these toppings are perfect combinations for sweet potatoes for they can enhance the taste.

Knowing how to microwave a sweet potato is definitely a must for those who are big on sweet potatoes but short on time. FYI, there is literally no difference between the terms ‘cooking’, ‘baking’, and ‘steaming’ a sweet potato in the microwave. So don’t get confused for nothing!


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