under the sink dishwasher

Easy Steps Tidy under the Sink Dishwasher

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The area beneath the dishwasher is commonly used for storing rarely used appliances as well as various cleaning bottles. However, often the equipment is just put away so it looks messy. As a result, the bottom of the shelf is like a storage shed. To tidy under the sink dishwasher up, follow these 5 steps:

under the sink dishwasher

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items

Look again at what items are there in the area. Choose items that are duly stored under the sink dishwasher. For example, instead of storing flower vases that are never used, you can set them on the dining room cupboard so that will make the room look more beautiful. Get rid of items unrelated to the kitchen to other rooms such as laundry or ironing rooms.

  1. Arrange in a vertical direction

Use a rack of stacked steel baskets and collect unused items in the basket. At the top of the basket you can still take advantage of the remaining space to keep a few dry laps. Make the most of the remaining space!

  1. Take advantage of the back of the door

If the bottom area of ​​your dishwasher is shaped like a closet and has a closing door, then you can use it to store various items that are often used in the kitchen. For example add a small wooden shelf on the left door to put a hand towel or to store a sponge. And at the right door, you can use material that is easy to get. For example, basking pin. Paint with a silver color then paste using a strong glue. This section can be used to place gloves or flies.

  1. Separate dirty and clean cloth

Clean the bottom of the dish rack by separating a clean cloth with a dirty cloth. You can use a small plastic basket commonly used to store dirty clothes. Add name labels on the side of the basket to reduce the confusion of which baskets are used for dirty and clean ones.

These steps can be done in just 15-30 minutes. Try tidy under the sink dishwasher today, and make sure the arranged arrangement will not change anymore.

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