Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refurbish
Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refurbish

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refurbish – Transforming Old to New

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DIY kitchen cabinet refurbish helps you transforming your outdated worn-out kitchen cabinets into striking new ones. By reading this article you will find out a number of DIY kitchen cabinet refurbish that you can use as consideration. If you think that your kitchen cabinets are getting old and boring then it’s time to change them. You don’t have to buy the new ones, which will take more budget, instead of replacing the old cabinets to the new ones you can refurbish them to be brand new cabinets. Refurbishing your old kitchen cabinets gives more benefits than buying the new ones.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refurbish

Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refurbish
Kitchen Cabinets DIY Refurbish

When your cabinets are getting old and worn-out, you’ll feel like you need to take them out of your cooking area and replace them with the new modern ones. But getting new cabinets will definitely need more money, and can be quite expensive. Actually, there is a more recommended way of replacing old cabinets. It’s by DIY kitchen cabinet refurbish approach. There are benefits you can get by refurbishing your old worn-out cabinets. Not only you will get the new look of your old cabinets, refurbishing old kitchen cabinets can also save your time and cost as well.

You can even refurbish your kitchen cabinet on your own. You won’t have to ask for help from a professional to transform your old kitchen cabinet. DIY kitchen cabinet refurbish allowing you to transform the look of your old kitchen cabinet. What you need to prepare when you want to renew your kitchen cabinet are paint, stain and some labor. However, the job can be done by yourself if you want to save your expense or you can do it with another person if you want to save time.

You can try the following steps to help you refurbishing your kitchen cabinet DIY:

  1. The first step is remo. You can also ving the doors of the cabinet. Remove the doors and hardware from the front using a screwdriver. Pull out all the drawers. They Put the doors and drawers to the side for refinishing. Clean up the area around the frames of the cabinet.
  2. Check the frames of the cabinet to find out if there is any broken parts that need to be fixed. Replace the broken parts with new pieces of wood or just remove it if they are badly broken. Also inspect for any damaged caused by plumbing and wood rotting.
  3. Get rid of paint and stain from the cabinet. To do so you will need a commercial paint stripper and a hot air gun. To get rid of old stubborn stain you can use sand. Wipe the cabinet entirely from any excess paint and debris.
  4. Apply new pain and stain to the cabinet. Use the wood stain to complete this work.
  5. The last step is putting the doors of the cabinet together again and put all the drawersback into position. You can also attach the new hardware as well.

You can try to follow those steps to complete the DIY kitchen cabinet refurbish.


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