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Design Your Own Kitchen Simple Minimalist

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You have seen so often in various media that in modern day homes generally have design your own kitchen simple minimalist kitchen space. In addition to limited land if the house is minimalist concept but has a small kitchen also bring many advantages for residents of the house such as no hassle to clean it. Simple Minimalist Kitchen but cozy.

design your own kitchen

Small kitchen that fits comfort, efficiency, and modern impression will also feel warmer, especially in design your own kitchen that concept open plan or combined with the dining room. Thus the function of the kitchen will be wider not only a place for cooking but also a place to dine together while chatting. If you are currently looking for inspiration minimalist simple kitchen design is actually not too difficult anymore with the existence of the internet. On the internet has available various architectural websites that are ready to help you. To make a small kitchen look great there are some architectural tricks that you can apply for example on the wall color game, the selection of the right furniture is also the right decoration. Here is a guide for you.

Tips design your own kitchen a simple little kitchen minimalist, choose Color bright wall paint, to make your kitchen room minimalist look more relieved You should choose a uniform bright colors on the ceiling or ceilings, floors, and walls. Soft or pastel colors like beige, light brown, or white can be an option. To give the illusion of the room look bigger you can also install some glass tile so that the inhabitants of the house can see beautiful sky scenery on a sunny day. Pay attention to Air Circulation and Light. Lighting settings should also be considered to make the room a relief, for example by providing light on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen room should also have plenty of openings not only to make the room look great but also for air circulation to keep cooking smoke carried away. Large windows with a beautiful frame will certainly make the room look more beautiful. For the floor you can choose a diagonal tile with a matching color to the wall.

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