Cozy Up Your Cooking Space With These Rustic Kitchen Ideas

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Peaceful and warm are the atmosphere you get if you opt for a rustic ambiance in your kitchen. Those rustic kitchens that are often associated with old farmhouses always look charming. Thinking of creating a rustic kitchen of your own that have an inviting and casual feel to it? Check our rustic kitchen ideas to get you started!

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Rustic Kitchen Ideas
Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Rustic kitchens are closely associated with dark wood and sometimes pops of red. Team up wide wood planks, time-worn wood cabinetry and wood ceiling beams if you want to go all the way. These wooden materials will surely give you the rustic kitchen idea you want and bring nature inside. Furthermore, wood materials are practically imperative if you want to achieve the aesthetic of rustic elegance in your kitchen. Dark wood in particular is perfect to accentuate warmth. As for the island, opt for barn-colored red for a nice country touch. Laminate material for the cabinetry may be able to bring the natural wood appearance but pine is also worth considering because it displays knots that rustic kitchen cabinetry are mostly known for.

Stone Details

wall with huge tumbled river rock
wall with huge tumbled river rock

Stone is another element that rustic kitchens are often associated with. You can add hints of stone anywhere you like such as in the fireplace hearth or you can cover the whole kitchen wall with huge tumbled river rock while at the same time still adding some different element of stone to your cooking space. You can craft an integrated refrigerator in the image of a vintage ice box for a refined look of a rugged farmhouse kitchen. A plain and full wooden floor might be doing it a little overboard so you can add a flagstone floor throughout and add several area rugs as a solution. If you still want to add more stone elements, your kitchen counter space can be a nice addition. Opt for granite or quarts for the countertop.

Rustic Meets Industrial Look

kitchen wooden flooring
kitchen wooden flooring

Think outside the box by going for a mixed kitchen design. While covering your entire kitchen with wood material may not be to your liking, you can add some contemporary elements too. You can opt for wooden flooring but go for clean white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Your wall can be a focal point in your kitchen easily so if you only want to add small rustic elements then it’s best to leave it contemporary with black or white color. Opting for wooden shelving and if you are in the mood for more décor then an overhead light fixture incorporated into a wooden ladder will not overpower the other furniture.

White Wood

While dark wood is already too mainstream and it won’t look as good as it does in large kitchen, your premium small kitchen can definitely benefit from some bleached or painted white wood in order to achieve rustic look. Opt for solid wood bleached in white stain for the ceiling beams to create airy and spacious room in an otherwise small cooking spot. This trick can be applied to your cabinetry and cupboards too by using light-colored pine wood. This rustic kitchen idea will not make your kitchen look too imposing.

Opting for a rustic kitchen will surely give a warm and welcoming tone in your kitchen. You can totally make one of your own with these rustic kitchen ideas.




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