cost of kitchen remodel

Cost of Kitchen Remodel – 5 Tips How to Make Most of Your Budget


The cost of kitchen remodel varies depending on several factors. These include the kind of renovations you are going to make around the cooking area as well as your budget plan. The poor budget plan will lead to ruin all of the kitchen remodel plans created before. In this way, it is important to plan your old home kitchen remodel ahead, both designs and budget. Find out everything you need to know on how to make the most out of your kitchen remodel budget on the following page.

Cost of Kitchen Remodel

cost of kitchen remodel

How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

According to Homeowners, the average cost of new kitchen renovation ideas for American households is currently about $22,134. However, the cost can rise significantly up to $50,000, depending on the renovations conducted. The size of the kitchen being remodeled also plays an important role in determining the cost of the cooking area renovation. Most of the time, the project cost for small kitchen remodel ideas can be as low as $10,000.

These include remodeling on a tile backsplash installation, sink replacement, painting, and changing the facade of the kitchen cabinet. If you have an average sized-kitchen, the remodeling cost can hit over $20,000. However, the final cost of the project will also depend on how luxurious the appliances and cabinets you are going to install. For a kitchen with a large size, the remodeling cost can reach $40,000 to $70,000 on average.

Tips to Save Your Money on Kitchen Remodeling

You need to keep in mind that several things need to be considered well before you plan new house kitchen designs. Do you want to renovate the entire look of your kitchen or only change the cabinet designs? These are some questions you need to take into account. Finding a good designer and hiring an affordable contractor might become one of the best options to take. As an alternative, you can also choose one-stop remodeling shops.

They usually come with services that allow customers to consult about budget estimation and the new model kitchen design for free. Do you want to make the most of your budget for the cooking area remodeling project? Well, here are tips to help you save your money without sacrificing the project results.

  1. Stick to Your Budget

Once you have set your budget, make sure that you stick to it. Most of the time, American households spend about $21,000 on average to remodel their kitchen designs. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it less to get the same result. In this way, make sure to create a list of must-have items for your new house kitchen ideas.

Not only that but you also need to ensure that the cost of the must-have items is covered first and foremost. One thing that you should keep in mind that retaining the old design of your cooking area layout will have you keep the remodeling cost at a minimum. This is because the more you add new items, the higher cost of a kitchen remodel will be.

  1. DIY Project VS Hire a Constructor

Based on the report of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the labor costs of American households usually range consume 20% to 35% of the total budget. But, the labor costs of new kitchen design ideas can be cut significantly if you do the projects by yourself. The cost will also be much lower if you can, at least, help with the daily work of the project.

If you don’t know where to start or what to do exactly, you can take inspirations from Youtube videos. They will show you how to redo the countertops, replace the cabinets, choose the rightest colors for a new paint job, or pick up a perfect refrigerator for the kitchen.

This will save you a lot of money. One of the best things about this DIY project is that you can add your personal touch to your kitchen design. But, if you are not sure of what the DIY kitchen remodeling project should be, there will be a lot of professionals you can hire. When picking up the contractors, make sure that they are licensed. Not only that but the contractors should be insured and ready to provide you with the best services and references. Studies reveal that 88% of those who decided to renovate their cooking areas with the new latest kitchen designs hire at least one contractor for the project.

  1. Is the Cost of the Project Worth It?

You need to keep in mind that planning a kitchen remodel design is a long-term plan. It means that the kitchen you design today should serve a long-term purpose, even if you do not plan to live in the house for a long time. Either they are U- or I-shaped kitchen designs, the remodel plans should be able to increase the market value once you decide to sell your house.

In this way, it is important to ensure that your investments in the kitchen remodel project should be completely focused on building an updated infrastructure. So, instead of replaced, you need to make sure that all the electrical appliances such as stoves, ovens, and refrigerators can be refurbished.

  1. Living in the House during the Renovation Time

No one likes to cook or have breakfast in the kitchen while the area is being renovated by the professionals they hire. So, living in another place while the renovation of your U-shaped kitchen designs is on progress can be a good idea to take. However, this option also usually needs a certain amount of budget. So, make sure that you include the cost of living in another place during the renovation of your budget plan. As an alternative, you can arrange a plan that will allow the constructors to complete the project while you are not at home for work.

  1. Personal Financing Your Kitchen Remodeling

You need to remember that budgeting is only half the job done. You need to make sure that you finance the budget plan well. This will help you to minimize the cost of the kitchen remodel projects conducted.

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