Corner Kitchen Cabinet
Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Problems And the Various Solutions

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The problem with corner kitchen cabinets is that they are often considered as the least favorable part of the kitchen cabinets. In most cases, they are often considered the darkest, loneliest, and most inaccessible parts of the kitchen. Instead of using the cabinets, it is most likely that homeowners would store their unused items there.

The Problems with Corner Cabinets

Corner Kitchen Cabinet
Corner Kitchen Cabinet

There are reasons why the corner kitchen cabinets are not very liked by homeowners. Because of the blind corner, this part of the cabinet is:

  • When compared to other parts, the corner can be 50% deeper, which makes it difficult to access.
  • This is the part where lights don’t reach there. Most homeowners may choose areas with ideal fixtures, and corners are often missed.
  • Because of the depth and the lack of light, it is difficult to reach and you can’t really see clearly.

The Solutions

Instead of leaving the corner kitchen cabinets unused, why not turning it into something more useful? On the contrary to what people believe, there are actually some alternative options that you can make.

For a starter, you can transform the area into a wall oven. If you have never used the corner cabinet as storage, and you don’t intend to do so in the future, its better to turn it into the oven area. It improves the corner functionality and you can enjoy a new baking area. Try this and you will like your new corner because of its new function.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet review
Corner Kitchen Cabinet review

Besides turning it into a corner oven, you can also change the layout and design. You will have to do an extra effort because of the change, but it is going to worth it for the long term. You can install new pullouts which will make the area accessible and easy to manage. Whether you choose the DIY project or you hire a professional to help you, this option is definitely more ideal. You are finally able to make the corner area functional, especially for storage.

Another alternative is to have the swing-out design. Its basic idea is similar to the pullout, but with a different mechanism. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the side areas because of this. But if you are okay with it (and you still have plenty of other spaces in other parts of the cabinets), this swing-out option won’t only solve your storage issue but also make your kitchen look more modern and appealing.

Another option is to have the curved cabinets instead of the regular cabinets. Thanks to the curved design, you won’t have any corner at all – which is the ideal option, right? For some people, the curved base cabinets and wall aren’t only creating a unique aspect to the cabinet but they also remove the blind corner. If you want to make your kitchen look unique (not to mention has an improved value), the curved option can be the perfect answer to your problem. However, such a thing may be costly because it is still an uncommon option. But in the end, you are making a worthy investment. And having curved corner kitchen cabinets will definitely make your kitchen look one of a kind.


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