cool kitchen design ideas

5 Cool Kitchen Design Ideas


Cool kitchen design ideas – Dreaming of kitchen remodeling? Before you tear apart any walls, you need to know where to start and take a proper course of action in remodeling your kitchen. You can start small with looking for kitchen interior design ideas. And then start to develop your ideas into reality. If you are short on ideas, you can try to use some of these cool kitchen design ideas to inspire you in remodeling your kitchen.

Pattern pile-on

If you are bored with your plain kitchen, you can absolutely liven it up with addition of pattern. You can pile on prints as much as your heart want. You can start it with an accent wall covering in a single pattern, then you can add more pattern with adding a colorful rug.

Moody hues

Nowadays, all-white kitchen is not that popular anymore. Instead of all-white kitchen, you should consider setting a moodier tone in your kitchen with temping and extraordinary color to create richer and more mysterious vibe. To fulfil that you can consider “almost black” color such as deep blues, crazy maroons, and earthier terracotta.

Colorful lighting

To make your kitchen more eye catching you should think of pendants as the jewelry of your kitchen. If you are able to choose the right pendant, it will tie the entire room together or stand out to make a statement. In order to do that, you could choose a colorful lighting to draw the attention of the wandering eyes. Surely, colorful lighting can be cool kitchen design ideas for you.

Concrete finishes

If you want to adopt cool and minimal kitchen design themes you should try to remodel your kitchen with concrete finishes. You can start from your countertops, backsplashes, and also the floorings. These concrete finishes kitchen also suitable for you when you are in a remodeling budget. This kitchen idea will make your kitchen has modern yet industrial vibes.

Stacked shelving

Another one from cool kitchen design ideas that you can try while remodeling your kitchen is updating your upper cabinets with floating shelves. Especially, if you want to make your kitchen to feel bigger and brighter. Floating shelves also fairly easy to manage. You can add some greeneries to your floating shelves to make it more alluring. You can store your most-used items at the very bottom of your shelves, and gradually store your less-used items toward the top of the shelves. Your kitchen not only will be more functional, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

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