Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas and Inspirations

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Are you thinking about including the contemporary kitchen design for the house? What’s the difference with the modern design, anyway? Well, if you are into modern look with the inclusion of ‘today’ items and equipments, then you are likely into the contemporary look. Be sure, though, that such a design will create an appealing effect – no matter how simple the arrangement is or how small your kitchen is. There are some things that you can do about the planning and the implementation.

Modern vs Contemporary

Contemporary is referring to ‘the current or present’ condition whereas modern is more about a certain time period. Modern is referring to the fashion or design within the middle of 1900s. Modern theme is more about different kinds of neutrals, various arrays of colors, natural materials, and low and clean lines. If you choose the contemporary design, it means that your kitchen will be referring to the one that is a trend in the time of your pick. If you choose a trendy thing in 2005, it is no longer contemporary.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

When we are talking about contemporary kitchen design, it means that you aren’t choosing a specific feel or look. In fact, your design is always changing because of the new pieces or new materials. So, if you want to manage a contemporary theme, don’t be too surprised if the equipments, tools, and accents look sophisticated and high end. Don’t be afraid about decorating your kitchen in such a style. Contemporary isn’t always associated with distinct and cold, but it can be welcoming, friendly, and somewhat comfy.

Some Ideas for Decoration

black floor and light gray wall kitchen
black floor and light gray wall kitchen

If you are thinking about decorating your house with contemporary kitchen design, there are some things that you need to remember:

  • Contemporary design is about being minimalist. It uses clean lines with simple look, focusing on the texture for ‘current and today’ trend.
  • In contemporary interior, it mainly focuses on the space than the items. That’s why the contemporary design is more about minimalistic and simplicity; not overcrowding or too packed. It is simply about space, shape, and also color in order to evoke freshness and sleek feature.
  • Color is more about neutral and basic colors, being sparked up with bold and bright hue. For instance, black floor and light gray wall will be a special background for the bold colored accents and accessories, such as silver refrigerator or yellow countertop. On the contrary, if the wall and floor are covered with bold and bright colors, then you should choose neutral accents and accessories.
  • As it was mentioned before, less is definitely more for the contemporary design. Bare windows and high ceilings are great to enhance the architectural details while exposed plumbing pipes are a part of the structural element.
  • Floor for the contemporary kitchen is smooth and bare. Choose vinyl, tile, or wood to create a glossy finish. If you want to add texture and color, use geometric or plain patterned rugs.

As you can see, managing the contemporary kitchen design planning shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you grasp the idea and you know how to deal with it.



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